A brother repeated a "rumor" from the platform last night.

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  • NikL

    I've been feeling like there is a very BIG change on the horizon. Just a gut feeling I guess. But I think fukitol...

    Solution: shed 'new light' on the door to door work, making it no longer compulsory for all in the congregation to do it. Make it something for pioneers only, bit like how the Mormons do with their 19 year old missionary 'elders'. The rest of the congregation can just do informal witnessing, phone witnessing, or giving tracts away in the street or in malls directing people to JW.org to watch videos there instead of on some schmucks tablet on a doorstep.

    May be closer than we know.

  • BluesBrother

    I well remember counsel not to repeat rumours. Anything goes these days.

    Sir 82: "Bro Bumblehead".... that would be me if I were still dub.

  • zeb

    "What's up with repeating rumors from the platform? "

    that gives the cong the commission to blab them all over as fact.

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