A brother repeated a "rumor" from the platform last night.

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  • sparrowdown

    Can't say it would surprise me if they went to videos only at the door and at the meeting.

    I don't think the GB trust the elders or the publishers to say the "right" thing anymore.

  • scratchme1010

    And whats up with repeating rumors from the platform?

    I don't know nor care to find out about the video thing. However, it is a mistake to think that the WT is against rumors and gossip. Rumors and gossip are the backbone of their manipulation and control of their people. They let it happen and use it to their advantage.

    Interesting that if you ask any JW, most-to-all are of the belief that gossip and rumor is a problem only in their congregation and that such things are not common anywhere else. Try it. Ask around.

  • NikL

    That was a bit of sarcasm on my part scratchme1010 but you are spot on with your points. They do use gossip and rumors to forward their agenda.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I liked it when it was announced that there will be a special talk from a Bethel heavyweight and the assembly hall or local auditorium was used with several congregations invited. In the 1970's boy did the rumors fly. With bated breath, we were set to focus on every word. What we heard were reports from around the world of how much growth there was and how many crocodiles and rivers are encountered by our dear brothers in Africa to go the book study. Just another special meeting to push fear, obligation, and guilt.

    We would go home being disappointed and we waited for the next special talk.

    JW's like the word "special" almost as much as "soon."

    Oh, how I pissed away my life. I have known for years that no one is getting out of here alive.

    Sour Grapes

  • tepidpoultry

    Re Sour Grapes

    Just heard yesterday that my 84 year old mother still hopes to never die

    You still have your mental faculties

    Be grateful


  • schnell

    In all seriousness, if they mostly do away with paper, and commit to videos, they would probably consider online advertising next. Scientology does it, LDS does it... "Brooklyn Brothers Signs" does it for their JW carts, so why not JWorg?

    And at that point, if he wished to do so, I would contribute to Paul to advertise jwfacts.com as well.

  • rory-ks

    My prediction is that we will see the end of the public Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Now that they have completed their move to Warwick they will announce a new monthly JW.org metro-style magazine. Basically it will direct the public to the website using a combination of religious and general articles. Flimsy, sixteen pages long.

    The Watchtower name will still be maintained through the study edition, so they will be able to uphold the flagship magazine.

    All of this will be declared as "historical" and proof-positive that Jehovah is blessing the move to Warwick in an extraordinary way.

  • sir82

    All of this will be declared as "historical"

    LOL. They certainly are fond of that word, aren't they?

    In WT-world, "historical" signifies "mundane and forgettable", much as "special' (e.g. "special campaign", "special talk") really means "more of the same claptrap we've been peddling for the past 140 years".

  • ab.ortega

    This post is historical.

  • fukitol

    Clearly they want to move as much as possible from being a literature based religion to being a new digital/video religion. They would end all printing tomorrow if they could.

    The problem is their doctrine requires all JWs to be 'witnesses', ie, they must publicly witness to Jehovah. And they believe they are scripturally required to do this door to door.

    So they are currently in a limbo...they preach video messages door to door. Dumb dumb dumb.

    They are trapped again by their own out of date quirky doctrines by being chained to the door to door work belief. Its just another stoopid old belief that needs dustbinning, along with so many other weird, eccentric fringe beliefs of the borg (generation, 1914, birthdays, blood, etc etc).

    Solution: shed 'new light' on the door to door work, making it no longer compulsory for all in the congregation to do it. Make it something for pioneers only, bit like how the Mormons do with their 19 year old missionary 'elders'. The rest of the congregation can just do informal witnessing, phone witnessing, or giving tracts away in the street or in malls directing people to JW.org to watch videos there instead of on some schmucks tablet on a doorstep.

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