I had a crappy day today- this helped...

by termite 35 17 Replies latest social humour

  • ballistic

    I'll fill you in on the details about the 4.5 at the apostfest - yeah it was hard work really. I'm really chuffed.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hopefully see you all soon.x

  • jst2laws


    I picture all of you in Eman's back yard. What good memories. We are going to try to make it again this year. However, we are DF'd now. Bonafide Apostates! For you in good standing, be careful. We might be a bad influence on you.


    You never shared the cause of your bad day. Perhaps you cannot. Its nice that when you have a bad day your cheer us up with a funny story. Hope you feel better.


  • Simon

    Good joke, LOL

    Hope you at least get a day-pass for the Apostafest Termite ... we'd love to see you again.

    We've already got an all-night pass and babysitters !!

    4 1/2 Ballistic? Blimey! I could do with some of that ...

  • Angharad

    Hi Termite

    Hope you can make it to the BBQ.

  • qwerty

    ME TOO!

  • Latte


    Loved the joke! Thanks

    Great to hear from you, hope that today gets better for you.


    However, we are DF'd now. Bonafide Apostates!

    I do hope that you will still associate with us non-df'd ones, now that you have the above status.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi Just2laws, hope your DFing was a cause for celebration and has'nt made any relationships worse.Can't share unfortunately- much as i'd love too,it's a bit public here, maybe by the time I see you it'll all be resolved and i'll have more good days than bad.Thinking you often and hope to see you soon.x

    Simon and Angharrad, well, arn't we organised! It'll be lovely to see you both again I can't wait

    Latte will you be able to make it too? it's a long way,but it would'nt be the same without youI'm not too bad thanks- today is a little better- i'm off to the park for a game of footie with my son and the sun is shining- other problems will sort eventually; hopefully,but i'm trying to get on with being happy in the meantime.

    Qwerty;Are you ok? Hope your day got better for you, email [email protected] if you want it...x


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