What Television Show Was Your All-Time Favorite?

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  • minimus

    Anybody remember Amos N Andy? This was on only in reruns when I was a kid. Any way to see that show now?

  • Pleasuredome

    dont have A particular favorite, but here's a few i really loved...

    index1 the kenny everett show

    the two ronnies

    dad's army

  • Pleasuredome

    mange tout, mange tout! how could i forget...

  • Billygoat

    This is hard to narrow down! Some of my faves through the years...

    1. X-Files
    2. Quantum Leap
    3. Twilight Zone
    4. Outer Limits
    5. Little House on the Prairie
    6. M*A*S*H*
    7. Cheers
    8. Little Rascals
    9. Star Trek (the original - the episode of the Tribbles was my fave!)
    10. Law & Order (the original & Criminal Intent are AWESOME!)
    11. the practice
    12. Seinfeld
    13. King of the Hill - I LOVE THIS SHOW!


  • xjw_b12

    Hey PleasureDome......of I don't wear the Y fronts class....( still chuckling over that one )

    YEAH...the 2 Ronnies.

    They used to play a lot of British comedy here on CBC, in the later hours on the weekends, and I would stay up late on Friday, and Saturday nights to watch showa like the " 2 Ronnies " and " Are You Being Served " and of course my late night, favourite.......Benny Hill.

    Of course, if my parents knew I was watching TV, they would be peeved. I had this old black and white Eatons TecoMaster floor model, c/w 8 " angled legs,and finished in straw yellow, that my parents were going to throw out, but I convinced the to let me keep. I would throw my clothes at the bottom of the door to block out the light so they wouldn't know I was watching.

    No wonder I was in no shape to go out in service Saturday morning.

  • hoodwinked

    Oh my yes! "The 2 Ronnies" they were hilarious, i almost forgot about them. and not to mention "the carol burnett show". what a hoot that show was!! it brings back such happy memories........


  • SpunkyChick


    Sex and the City


    Law and Order

  • shamus

    Anyone hear of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM???

    If you liked Seinfeld, you have to see this show - outstanding!

    Do you all think that the elders would have freaked on you for watching those heavily demonized shows? I got told off for watching the SIMPSONS for pete's sake!

  • JH

    When I was in my teens I loved Star Trek.

  • minimus

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the FUNNIEST shows on TV. Larry David has the ability to piss everyone off, without even trying!

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