Insight into Death ?

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  • Ravyn

    a friend of ours who had had a very tough life, called us on the phone after we moved away to 'ask' us if it was ok to go. he seemed to be talking of 'running out' on his family, but knowing his health had been very bad for so long we knew what he was talking about. we both gave him as much comfort as we could and told him it was ok if he needed to leave. he had a stroke within hours and never recovered, he died about 2 months later. every once in a while my husband or myself will think of him, almost out of the blue, and sure as anything we can smell cigarette smoke and roses. he smoked like a chimney(neither of us do--nor do any of our friends or neighbors) and his funeral was all roses. we both feel he is at peace that was hard won for him---and with his beloved cat who went thru some of the worst times with him and passed just months before he did. and his family he left here is doing ok, not as good as if he was healthy and still here--but as well as can be expected(he had two toddlers when he was 65 yrs old and had had two open heart surgeries...)


  • manon


    I'm sorry to hear about your dad it must be really touch and go for you and your family at this time. My thought are with you.

    When my father died he didn't know I believe It was very sudden and unexpected he was young and death really came out of nowhere for him. My grandfather on the other hand died 2 months ago. He was 101 and definitly knew the day he was going to die it's almost as if he had planned it. He had his favorite meal & desert that day even requested it.

    I really don't know the answers but maybe some people are more aware than others about their mortality.


  • asortafairytale

    In the two months or so leading up to my grandma's death, she told me so many stories about her life...and gave me a lot more advice. She told me she wasn't going to be around much longer, and she wanted to know that I would be strong enough to handle it. Also, she made a point of giving me things, like a lot of her Christmas things. She died on January 4th. I think she stayed alive to see me celebrate my first birthday and Christmas. But, she knew.


  • Sentinel

    For those who feel comfortable enough to accept their own death, there does seem to be a great peace about them. Death is the natural ending to our human life at some point. Illness or accident can bring it on prematurely. If we view death as less of an "unknown, horrible thing", perhaps that is the "insight" that gives us the ability to begin to think beyond life to death in reasonableness, and there perhaps connect with our soul as it fades from us. How odd, that I now feel more comfortable about these matters, and I have no religious affiliations, no belief in the religious teachings of "heaven and hell". I don't live by some reward system that promises salvation if I do this or do that. I don't fear an Armageddon any more and it feels so wonderful not to be under all those unhealthy yokes of bondage.

    Perhaps death is not the enemy that we conceive it to be, but the natural passing from this life to another existence--a necessary passage. These are things we just cannot comprehend. I vividly remember when I was quite small, being with my great grandmother in my grandmother's kitchen. She was just sitting by the screen door, while grandma was cooking. She wasn't sick, but just very old; and she was very tired that day. There was always so much sweet love from her for me. She took my hands and told me to look out into the yard. There was a vision that she was seeing that I couldn't see, but she told me all about it. Of course, I didn't know what was happening, but she was actually dying right before me....just slipping away there in here rocker. She described a bright light coming down from (heaven) with some beautiful creatures (angels) that had come for her. There was absolutely no fear in her voice or manner. Then she just wasn't there anymore...... I remember that my grandmother, her daughter, came over to us and told me she was "gone". I kept trying to "see" what she had seen out in the yard, but I couldn't see anything, and I think I thought that she'd just gone to sleep.Everything was quite calm. They took me from the kitchen and then the doctor was called in to verify death. This was a very early "marker" for me, as far as death and dying, and I often recall it from memory--because it is a good memory.

    Yet, others in my life have been very ill, and suffering great pain, and death was the end of that agony. I always think about those that have already gone ahead and I wonder a great deal about where they are and what they are doing. I lost my first husband to suicide, which was a terrible tragic end, and one that I had much difficulty accepting for a long time. For those that are left behind, the pain is so much greater. For those that have gone through that passage, their pain is over.

    I think there are signs, but not everyone can see or understand them, unless they are in tune with these things. For the matters of death are the matters of life. Our instincts can become even more fine tuned if we work on it; not everyone is at such a stage that they would do that. I think it does behoove us to learn to feel more comfortable about our end here. Some cultures and belief systems have parties when there is death. It's difficult to think beyond how awful it is not to have someone we love be apart of our physical life anymore. That is the pain of loss. We cannot reach them with any of our physical senses anymore, and we grieve for that. But, there can be great comfort in that loss, if we believe that the cycle of life and death is what being human is all about.

  • mattnoel

    Personally I believe when we die we go someplace else. There has been a lot of stories of dying people that just before they have died they have seemed at peace and even called and reached out as if talking to someone who is not there, in some instances they have called out a name of a relative that has passed onto the other life before them.

  • wednesday

    My mother, a jw all her life, could not accept her death. I believe she knew it was impending, but she could not talk about it. She felt so loney at he end, and happily one of us was there for her. Her hope did not seem to help her. My dad, was an apostate, one of the early ones. He too fought death, and made it very dfficult on all of us when he died.( no will, no help to distrubute property-he just was not going to die).
    I don't want to die either, but now that i have less fear about the Big A, it is easier. I know that either i will be sleeping forever, or there will be some sort of after life. I know there is no hell-a burning one anyway.I will be sad to leave my love ones, but it is the cycle of life.
    My personal belief about visions and things like that; they are hallucinations of a mind that is starting to 'short out" if u will, or the result of chemicals.
    I do believe that people sometimes know when they will die. My husband has always told me that the american indians leave the tribe and go off to die.(if any of u have ever seen 'little Big man" it is in the story)
    take care Brummie
    i know this is a drain, my mom died recently and it has been very hard on me.
    Strangely enough i have started dreaming about her in she is always calling to me to help her. Hope it is just a dream.

  • Brummie
    Strangely enough i have started dreaming about her in she is always calling to me to help her. Hope it is just a dream.

    wednesday, someone in our family died young and my sister had similar dreams to you, calling for help, she finally put it down to our inability to do anything to save a close relative, the shouts for help reflected the wanting to do something but being so out of reach, this helplessness was in the back of her mind and would surface in the dreams.

    Thanks BT, kls, rayzor, dyan, rocketman, Ravyn, manon, asortafairytale, sentinel, mattnoel & wednesday, these things are hard to talk about for all of you so I have really appreciated all of your responses.


  • onacruse


    My younger brother died about 20 years ago (no thanks to cancer). His mind, and eyes, were clear right up to the end (thanks to naturopathic medicine). He expressed no premonitions.

    Our heart feels with you.

    Craig & Katie

  • gold_morning

    When my father died I was in the middle of becoming a Christian. I still was unsure of so much. After he died it became a real quest to know what the bible says really happens. I could not believe how different it was from what we had been taught.

    These were the first scriptures
    that got me thinking.

    1John 5:12
    "He who HAS the son Has life."

    Notice the present tense here. It does not say that he
    who has the son will have life someday in the future.
    You know as a witness they teach that when you die,
    you are dead. You are not conscience of anything at
    all. You turn to dust. You are in God's memory to be
    ressurected someday. Yet, it says here..... we have
    this gift of life now as long as we have the Son. We
    (HAVE) LIFE.

    John 5:24,25
    "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and
    believes him who sent me HAS eternal life and WILL NOT
    BE CONDEMNED: he has passed over from death to life. I
    tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come
    when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God
    and those who hear WILL live."

    Prior to Jesus coming to earth, the dead could not go to
    heaven and be with God because they were sinners and
    imperfect. A debt had to be paid. The debt was death.
    Jesus paid the debt for us. He did the penalty that we
    should have paid. When he died, he said.."It is
    We now became righteous before God becasue of him.
    Nothing we can do will make us righteous. No amount of
    good deeds or works. Jesus did it. WE just need to
    really believe in Him. That is why the above scripture
    says if we believe in Him we have eternal life and
    will not be condemned (which was death). When we
    believe in him we cross over from death to life. We no
    longer have to pay that penalty.
    When Jesus says a time is coming and it is now when
    the dead would hear his voice and live he wasn't
    kidding. He had arrived to pay our price and he bought
    us. He bought Jew and gentile alike. The dead were
    now able to live in heaven and those after him are now
    allowed to go to heaven because we are now righteous
    thru the blood of Jesus. He bought us....we now are
    owned by him. We are now protected by Him. It was a
    gift as I will show you later.

    Remember, He came not to condemn the world, but to
    SAVE THE WORLD. Save us from what? It was to save us
    from death. He was successful. If we really still die
    when we pass on, then his death is in vain. He really
    did not save us from death if we still continue to
    die. That is why 1Corinthians 15:13 says...: If there
    is no ressurection of the dead, then not even Christ
    has been raised. Then our preaching is in vain.

    John 8:51
    "I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, he

    NEVER means NEVER. He did not say maybe you won't
    see death....or you will see death until I ressurect
    you later. He said you will NEVER see death.

    John 11:25
    "Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the
    life. He who believes in me WILL LIVE, even though he
    dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will NEVER

    So, we WILL LIVE and we WILL NEVER DIE.

    The apostles felt the same way.
    Including the apostle Paul. Pauls says:

    2Corinthians 5:8
    "We are confident. I say, and would prefer to be AWAY
    from the body and at home with the Lord.

    Philippians 1:23
    "I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be
    with Chirst, which is better by far. But it is more
    necessary for you that I remain in the body."

    See how he wants to give up the body and be home with
    Jesus? The body is just needed to live here on earth
    It is not needed in heaven. But the spirit resides in
    the body!! The spirit lives on. The spirit is the
    real you.

    I couldn't get over this one in Acts 7:59. It tells us where Stephen is being stoned to
    death. It says...
    "While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, "Lord
    Jesus, receive my spirit."

    How about the famous Matthew 10:28 scripture that says
    to fear those that can kill the body.... but NOT KILL
    THE SOUL!!!!

    1Thessalonians 5:23..
    "May your WHOLE SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY be kept

    Ephsians 2:4
    "Because of HIs great LOVE for us, God, who is rich in
    mercy, made us ALIVE WITH CHRIST even when we were
    dead in our transgressions... it is by GRACE YOU HAVE

    I am so very sorry about what you are going thru. All your stories broke my heart. I hope this gives you some encouragement. I know it did me.

    agape love...gold_morning

  • Brummie

    Thanks Onacruse, sorry to hear about your brother, I hadnt heard of naturopathic medicine, it sounds like its worth looking into.

    Yes gold_morning that was very encouraging, thank you. As far as I know my dad has never proffessed Christianity though he did tell me he says his prayers.

    hug to all


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