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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    90 % of all the calculations were worked out by the Second Adventists in the 1800’s. It was apparently popular to reason along such lines back then.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I barely believe the bible anymore anyway, I just wanted to know if someone had a simple way of explaining it because someone keeps mentioning 1914 to me and how everyone is wrong about it but the jws. The other thing they keep pointing out is the Daniel statue and that only jws have the right interpretation or understanding of that. So that is next on my list to disprove that

  • eyeuse2badub

    JW's know stuff that mere mortal do not know! They know "math magic" which can make 7=2,520! They know how to make a lunar year of 360 days magically become solar years of 365 1/4 days!

    just saying!

  • Finkelstein

    Bible chronology indicates that God’s Kingdom was established in heaven in 1914

    Nope !

    That's the WTS's chronology not what the bible says and Jesus clearly stated that no man knows the sacred time of the God, he didn't mean except book publishers 2000 years in the future.

    The WTS are commercialized false Prophets, that's its roots and structural foundation.

  • EverApostate

    Everyone gets silly and Crazy dreams and bible has a handful of it.

    People interpret Biblical dreams with their own wishful thinking, which doesn't do any good for Humanity. Hence Not worthy of any consideration.

    This is how I consider Bible now. Sorry.

  • Bobcat

    For a different look at Dan chapter 4 see my thesis on this thread (here).

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Freedom Rocks, did you know that it gives great peace of mind when you realise that the stories in the Bible are meaningless. They may have some dubious moral instruction but it usually comes with the threat of "I'll kill you if you don't obey." Great!

    Prophecy is a game for idiots. There can be no reliable prophecy anywhere and there never has been any. The prescientific world relied on soothsayers (truthsayers) and auspicious moments to do things. The prescientific world of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity was squarely based on superstition. Therefore any interpretation of the Bible, since it comes from this past unenlightened world, is simply hocus pocus.

    The Bible is truly useless as a guide for knowledge or prophecy, it was written to enslave the poor and ignorant-- you can safely chuck it in the waste bin and be assured that it won't come back to bite you.

  • redvip2000

    You start by assuming:

    Bible chronology indicates that God’s Kingdom was established in heaven in 1914. This is shown by a prophecy recorded in chapter 4 of the Bible book of Daniel.

    Just nonsense. This is as good as saying you already know Santa Claus exist, you just need to find out where he lives.

  • Moster

    OTWO - you are correct. here is how CTR arrived at 1874, measuring the Pyramid of Giza:

    ""So, then, if we measure backward down the "First Ascending Passage" to its junction with the "Entrance Passage," we shall have a fixed date to mark upon the downward passage. This measure is 1542 inches, and indicates the year BC 1542, as the date at that point. Then measuring down the "Entrance Passage" from that point, to find the distance to the entrance of the "Pit," representing the great trouble and destruction with which this age is to close, when evil will be overthrown from power, we find it to be 3416 inches, symbolizing 3416 years from the above date, BC 1542. This calculation shows AD. 1874 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble; for 1542 years BC plus 1874 years AD. equals 3416 years. Thus the Pyramid witnesses that the close of 1874 was the chronological beginning of the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation -- no, nor ever shall be afterward. And thus it will be noted that this "Witness" fully corroborates the Bible testimony on this subject..."

  • TD

    You forget to divide by the number of steps in the Eiffel tower and then multiply by the number of Furlongs from Scranton PA to Brooklyn NY provided you take the Hoboken ferry.

    Seriously, the whole doctrine is a mishmash of unrelated elements spanning languages, cultures and time all cobbled together in a way the original writers never even dreamed of.

    The explanation you provided is about as clear as it gets.

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