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  • steve2

    Smart people do not fall for simple-minded delusions; they prefer theirs to be complicated - it makes the delusion more believable.

  • TD
    TD is how CTR arrived at 1874, measuring the Pyramid of Giza:

    The date is actually the work of Nelson Barbour, not Russell. He published it before the two ever met..

    Russell, by his own testimony, stumbled across the 1874 / 1914 calculations in the early part of 1876 by reading Barbour's periodical, Herald of the Morning.

    He (Russell) added the pyramid nonsense years after the fact as a corroborating line of evidence.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Moster- is that seriously where ctr got the date from? Measuring inside of a pyramid? Its More idiculous than I first thought if that is the case. Can't understand how I believed this crazy religion for so many years when so much doesn't make sense

  • Rattigan350

    Easy explanation.

    Jehovah told David in 2 Samuel 7:12-14 that he would establish his kingdom and his descendants forever.

    That lead down to Jesus or was supposed to. But Jesus didn't become king. So what happened?

    In Dan 4 it was put on pause, for 7 times, 2520 years from 607 to 1914.

    The kings were sitting on Jehovah's throne and he was sovereign. So when they stopped being sovereign, it was paused. That was in the 3rd year of Jehoiakim which was in 607 as Jerusalem was destroyed in 587.

    Note anything that requires Jerusalem to be destroyed in 607 is wrong, because the prophesy was not about Jerusalem, it was about the kings in the line of David being sovereign.

    It all makes sense when you understand it, which it does not sound like you do.

  • Rattigan350


    the date, or rather the method predates Russell. John Brown back in 1820s taught that the 7 times was from 605 to 1914,1915,1916 area.

  • TD

    I agree that the interpretive elements predate both Barbour and Miller, but the question at hand is how/where Russell got the date. And he got it lock, stock and barrel from Barbour, not John Aquila Brown

  • Crazyguy

    John Aquila Brown wrote a book called the EvenTide back in the early 1800’s , this is where Miller , Boubour and other got these ideas of a second later fulfillment of Daniel. In his book he wrote that the gentile times would end in 1917.

    Like Rattigan350 said the whole idea would rest on David’s offspring being on the throne and through his offspring would come the messiah.

    It’s also confirmed that the writings of Daniel came much later about the 2 century BC . It’s also been argued very well that these so called prophecies or writings were about the Ptolemy’s.

    Whether one want to believe this stuff or not the one question or point that people fail to realize it the Davidic line was broken a davidic King did not sit on the throne all the way until the messiah showed up. Just another failed prophecies in a book of failed prophecies.

  • Finkelstein

    Lets just say that the JWS religion was founded upon nutty theology ie. 1914

    mind you nutty theology was advantageous to sell literature to the public,

    some ate it up and a lot just shook their heads in disgust.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Finky, all theology is nutty!

    Imagine a long established and respected academic discipline which is devoted to a thing which is both undetectable and non-interactive.

  • TD

    John Aquila Brown wrote a book called the EvenTide back in the early 1800’s , this is where Miller....

    Miller and Brown's calculations were virtually concurrent. If anything, Miller was slightly ahead of Brown. The interpretive elements significantly predate both gentleman.

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