Game 7's x 3 NHL Playoffs

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  • Seven

    Here's some of my favorite hockey stuff. From left to right: Jagr action figure, Kasparitis pickles, Jagr peanut butter, Lemieux autographed puck, Lemieux bobble head in a Canadian olympic uni(a treasured gift from a friend) and in the mason jar(lol, like that espn commercial) real ice from the Mellon bowl(the very spot) where Mario went five hole on the Dominator .

    Hey, on this day:

    April 22, 1976

    Ian Turnbull picked up four assists as the Maple Leafs won 8-5 over the Flyers, in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Quarter-Finals.

    April 22, 1981

    Brian Propp scored a natural hat trick as the Flyers beat Calgary, 9-4, in Game Five of the Quarter-Finals at the Spectrum.

    April 22, 1996

    Alexander Mogilny picked up three assists as the Canucks won 4-3 over the visiting Avalanche, in Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarter-Finals.

    April 22, 1993

    Pittsburgh Penguins increased their NHL-record playoff winning streak to 14 straight victories with a 4-3 win over the Devils at New Jersey, in Game Three of the Patrick Division Semi-Finals. <---just had to throw that in here.

    April 22, 1995

    John LeClair scored the winning goal at :54 of overtime to lead the Flyers to a 4-3 win, at New Jersey. The win made the Flyers the 1994-95 Atlantic Division Champions, their first division championship since the 1986-87 season.


    Toronto's Nick Metz became the first NHL player to get three assists in one period of a playoff game during the 1941 plaoffs, in the second period of a 7-2 win over Boston, in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Semi-Finals, in Toronto.

    In 1987 the Philadelphia Flyers set an NHL record for most playoff games played --- their 7th game loss to the Oilers in the Finals was their 26th playoff game that year. The most any team can play is 28.

  • Seven

    hey xjw_b12,

    What do I do for the finals? The same routine as for the previous games only add seafood, ribs and champagne to the menu when a team is looking to close it out. I need to have bleachers installed. I guard the remote with my life. :)

  • Seven


    Hey Go Leafs Go!!!

    What a game!! You know it used to be a best of 9 in the old days. LOL, It might as well be that way now with all the OT's. I'm sure you all had an excellent time living the game at the pub last night. LOONIE POWER!!!!! The pub will be a rockin' tonight!! Repeat after me: Shoot the puck!!! You can lead the cheer north of the border. Only six more hours to go!! Sundin's going to get a goal tonight. I have this from an inside source.

    Go Leafs Go!!!


  • Seven


    Go Wild!!

    Yes, I remember that chat convo well! You were wanting a playoff team and I was wondering if I'd live long enough see the Pens bring home another cup. What a reversal of fortune(misfortune for the Pens). Your prediction came true a year early!! Enjoy the moment Goph!! I'm happy for you and the Wild fans!!! Go Wild!!

  • Seven

    Make you last trip to the bathroom and grab a beer on the way out-they're minutes away from dropping the puck!!! Go Leafs, Go Wild, Go Blues!!!!

  • Scully


    I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in the bad manners shown by some people in the crowd in Philly before the game started.

    Rather poor form to BOO your opponents' National Anthem. Not very sportsman like either.

    Love, Scully

    Hello out there we're on the air it's hockey night tonite
    Tension grows the whistle blows-& the puck goes down the ice.
    The goalie jumps and the players bump and the fans all go insane
    Someone roars "Bobby scores!" at the good ole hockey game
    Oh the good ole hockey game is the best game you can name
    And the best game you can name is the good ole hockey game

    2nd period:
    Where players dash with skates aflash the home team trails behind
    But they grab the puck and go bursting up and they're down across the line
    They storm the crease like bumble bees they travel like a burning flame
    We see them slide the puck inside -It's a "1-1" hockey game!

    3rd period: last game in the playoffs, too...
    Oh take me where the hockey players face off down the rink-
    And the Stanley Cup is all filled up for the chaps who win the drink-
    Now the final flick of the hockey stick and a one gigantic scream-
    The puck is in! The home team wins! The good ole hockey game!
    3 times
    He shoots he scores...

    - Stompin' Tom Connors

  • rocketman

    Flyers. Canucks. Avs.

    Those are my game 7 picks.


    They're toast!

    5 - 1 for the Flyers, and there's just a couple of minutes left in the 3rd and final period.



    6 - 1 for the Philadelphia Flyers.

    They're singing: "nah-nah-nah-nah...nah-nah-nah-nah...hey-hey-hey...good-bye" in Philadelphia. 19870 voices.

  • Scully

    Love, Scully

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