Game 7's x 3 NHL Playoffs

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  • Seven

    To all Hockey Fans on planet earth,

    OMG!!! This is ecstacy!!! It's been 53 years(1950 Stanley Cup Finals)since we've seen back to back games 6 and 7 in a series. There is nothing that equals the intensity of the cup chase in any sport. The Leafs/Flyers, Blues/Canucks, and Wild/Avs all have dreams of dancing with Lord Stanley. IT'S A HOCKEY NIGHT IN NORTH AMERICA!!

    It'll be SRO in the mini hockey hall of fame I call my TV room with the big screen TV, picture in picture, plenty of liquid refreshments, pizza, wings, and brats. Welcome to my kingdom(queendom)and commence to party!!

    Who will advance? My predicitions-Leafs, Blues and Wild.


    OMG, I'm so excited I can't sit still!! Eddie celebrated his 38th birthday by once again standing on his head for his team! We're going to see some hittin' tonight! It's going to be a slamfest for the ages!! Hit 'em early and often and soooo hard their kids will be born dizzy! Go Leafs Go!!

    It was another THRILLING double-overtime as the Leafs and Flyers battled it out at the ACC Monday night. In the end it was the goal by Travis Green that made the difference after plenty of exciting action. The Leafs, who arguably played their best game of the post-season, had a rejuvenated Owen Nolan and a healthy Nik Antropov.

    Robert Reichel opened the scoring for the Leafs. The lone Flyer goal was scored by Jeremy Roenick. Ed Belfour celebrated his birthday by stopping 35 shots while the Leafs fired 36 at Cechmanek. Game 7 goes on Tuesday night in Philly.

    Leafs Lines: Roberts-Sundin-Mogilny, Domi-Green-Hoglund, Tucker-Antropov-Nolan, Renberg-Reichel-Fitzgerald
    Defence Pairings: Svehla-Kaberle, McCabe-Wesley, Berg-Lumme
    Goalies: Belfour
    Healthy Scratches: Belak, Housley, Jackman, Gavey, Holden, Leeb, Ponikarovsky, Stajan, Healey
    Injuries: Gilmour (knee)-ESPN

    Oh yeah, there are two other game 7's.

    Wild things...I think I love you!

    Marion...come here!!

    The Wild have won two straight on the brink of elimination.

    The teams go at it again Tuesday night in Denver, with the winner moving on to the second round to face either St. Louis or Vancouver.

    The Minnesota Wild sure aren't playing like a 3-year-old team making its postseason debut. Richard Park scored his second goal of the game 4:22 into overtime Monday night to give the Wild a thrilling 3-2 victory over the Colorado Avalanche and force a decisive Game 7.-AP

    Richard Park!! OMG the exPen factor is a good thing. Park firing that wrister past Saint Patrick-yeah baby!!!

    I've got Blues uh huh!!

    The first-round playoff series between the St. Louis Blues and Vancouver Canucks has quickly gone from lopsided to a toss-up. Markus Naslund had a goal and two assists as the Canucks staved off elimination for the second straight game, beating the Blues 4-3 Sunday night to force a decisive Game 7 in the first-round playoff series.

    The Bluz are rested and ready to boot the Canucks. Sorry Markus mein sweetie get the clubs out of the trunk.

    The Canucks were second in the NHL in goals in the regular season, and their offense has come to life the last two games. After scoring four goals in the first four games, Vancouver has nine in the last two, putting constant pressure on goalie Chris Osgood.-AP

    Sorry, The hockey Nazi says: "No goals for you!" NEXT



  • ashitaka

    I love it too, man. That was such an awesome game last night.

    But, tonight.....

    From the First Union Center in the City of Brotherly Love

    FLYERS WIN!! FLYERS WIN!!!! FLYERS WIN!!! Oh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Aztec

    I don't have ESPN or ESPN2 but I do have CBC so I can watch two of the games. Woo hoo! I am rooting for the Leafs and Blues. The only reason I'm rooting for the Blues is cause I love Ozzie! We miss him here in Detroit. He probably would've done better than Cujo...LOL! I won't be able to watch the Av's (hopefully) go down in flames but I will be checking the stats online as the game progresses. Who knew the Wild would push it to 7 games. Yay! :) ~Aztec

  • xjw_b12

    Hey 7of 9 Are you a hockey fanatic or what ?

    Should be an awesome night of hockey tonight for sure.

    It'll be SRO in the mini hockey hall of fame I call my TV room with the big screen TV, picture in picture, plenty of liquid refreshments, pizza, wings, and brats. Welcome to my kingdom(queendom)and commence to party!!

    Geez....what do you do for the final game ?

    Who will advance? My predicitions-Leafs, Blues and Wild.

    My pick Flyers, Canucks and Avs.

    I am rooting for the Leafs, Canucks and the Wild. Poor Edmonton. Can never seem to make it by Dallas.

    It's going to be tough for the Leafs and Flyers, and the Wild and Avs, playing 2 games back to back like that, seeing the've played the equivalent of over 8 games already with the overtime in the equasion....but hey that's what they get paid for. Interesting with the Leafs, its the no-name players, that seem to be contributing in the clutch. And what can you say about Eddie........... Hello Curtis Joseph. How is that new set of golf clubs working out for ya !

    Sure would like to see Gilmour back in the game though. He seems to be one of those players that sparks an added level of excitement and leadership, when he's suited up.

    Would be kinda neat to watch the Minnesota North Dallas Stars vs the Minnesota Wild in the Western semi-final though.

    I think it is going to be a late night.

  • Uzzah

    50 people all clad in Leaf jerseys, hats, superstitious items draped across the bar, tables, and chairs. TML towel hung like capes over the back of bar stools.

    The smell of the chicken wing platters that were scattered throughout the bar tickling the nostrils. Cold beer soothing the throat strained from cheering and howling at the screen after each near miss.

    The collective intake of air when the Flyers mad a break towards the net, and the audible sigh of relief when the puck is deflected to the corner and out of the zone.

    MY GAWD this is what hockey fans live for! The sheer agony of watching the clock tick down waiting feverishly for your team to pull off a victory.

    Then the sheer ecstacy when Green scored in the second OT. The heart pounding, adrenilene in overload coursing through your veins. The cheers, the hugs the double high fives. The collapse into your chair, completely spent and exhausted, but with an ear to ear grin spread across your face. The sounds of cars honking out the victory as leaf fans make their way home. Getting what sleep they can to do it all again tonight.

    Game 7. The rest of the series is irrelevant. I believe in my Leafs and prefer our chances will Belfour in net rather than checkie "Let me put my glove back on" manic. Round 2 here we come.

    Seven: Dayum girl. Brains like yours, looks to boot and a keener hockey mind than most Canadian men.... I never believed she existed but gentleman, we have found the perfect woman!!!

    Win or lose hockey fans, we are going to get some GREAT hockey tonight. Enjoy


  • xjw_b12

    Uzzah. 10-4 fer sure Good Buddy. Is going to be some great hockey, no matter what, based on what we've seen up to now anyways.

    Your bar description is like that commercial that airs during the games with the camera mounted above the TV. Tension so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    Gotta agree with you on seven. Wonder if she's into NFL and or NASCAR as well.

  • Jourles

    Ummm, about your prediction on the Avs/Wild.......not a chance. Roy will be forced to be in his "zone" mentality tonight.

    Tonight's score for Avs/Wild: 2-1 Avs

  • Uzzah


    Isn't this the same Roy who chickened out of the Olympics last year and missed out on getting gold? Some guys just are afraid of the winner's circle. Roy will choke.

    I put my money on the WILD! GOOOO Minnesota!!!!!!


  • Gopher

    The Wild/Avs game is a 50-50 proposition right now. Any mental "edge" or advantage that the superstar-filled Avs once enjoyed has vanished in the last two games, which the Wild won to bring the series even at 3 games apiece. Wild Goaltender Manny Fernandez has matched Colorado hall-of-famer Patrick Roy save-for-save since he was installed in the middle of game 4 in this series.

    The pressure is on the Avs!! The Wild weren't expected to win multiple games in this series, and now they're "on the brink" of advancing. Even if the Wild lose tonight, you gotta absolutely love what they have brought to this playoff. They have forced the Avalanche to play at their pace, and their fast skaters are putting pressure on the Avs defense, especially on the power play where the Wild are #2 in percentage/efficiency of all playoff teams. The only thing the Wild team lacks is an abundance of people with the scoring touch. (That's due to their being only a third-year team.) But with their defense, two or three goals is often all they need to win.

    GO WILD !!

  • Gopher


    In addition to Marian Gaborik, we just love Korean-born Richard Park here in Minnesota. Thanks for letting us have him.

    He brings his best to big games and pressure situations, as is evidenced by the three overtime goals he has scored this season, including last night's goal on an impossible-angle shot that somehow eluded Patrick Roy. (The Wild were a bit lucky to have it go in, but HEY they outshot the Avalanche 4-0 in overtime, erasing the momentum that the Avalanche had established when they scored the last two goals in regulation time.)

    GO WILD !!

    Remember two years ago -- you and I talked in chat about the Wild, and I thought that by 2004 that Lemaire would have them in the playoffs? I guess they beat expectations!!

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