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  • Ravyn

    Dear Ruth,

    If you think no one knows you are on this forum to 'spy' on my activities or whatever you have cooked up in your feeble little mind, you are mistaken. But here's the deal...I can handle you and anything you want to dish up. I can handle my pathetic cousins and aunts and uncles, even my pitiable schizophrenic father. But if you even try to involve my real mother or sister in any of your harrassment schemes I will take legal action and make sure that you will never see a dime of any money you think my father has because it will all be spent in trying to defend your sorry butts in court. Do I make myself clear?

    Another word to the wise- don't piss off a witch.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yeah!!! What she said!

    Tex of the Amen Corner Class

  • wednesday

    No place to run ,No place to hide , step mommie.

  • sf

    Hey Rave,

    Anything The sKallywagger can do to help, covertly?

    Come into yahoo today and lettuce chat a 'spell' awhile.

    {{{ tight hugs}}}


  • caligirl

    ** applause** for Ravyn! I hope this gets the desired result for you and she gets the message loud and clear!

  • Francois

    Awright, who's Ruth and what's she doing that has got your bra in a bunch? Enquiring minds wanna know.


  • SheilaM

    GO Ravyn GO RAVYN If you want I can kick her ass

  • Ravyn

    Ruth is my stepmother. My anointed elder schizo father left my mother 17 yrs ago for this 'worldly' woman with two young sons. In the yrs since, her oldest committed suicide and her youngest is now a grown gay man. My father in the meantime has told her so many outrageous lies about his 'first' family that we could never be friends. But just when I think he is to blame for it and am willing to give this woman another chance--she does something just as bad. She must also be insane is all I can figure. She lies to your face and believes her own lies and she is malicious and spiteful. She is also cruel but atleast she is not intelligent enough to do any real damage in that vein. She and my father have effectively turned my mother's own family against her with unbelievable lies and now my 75 yr old mother's own sisters won't talk to her- and her best friend of 60 yrs, who is old and decrepit, sees her about once a year if she is lucky. It was not enough to leave my mother destitute with a handicapped daughter and two dependent grandsons--they had to absolutely destroy her life by saying that the reason my father left her was because she was a lesbian with her best friend! (Not that I have anything against lesbians--it is just that this is the only thing he could say that JWs would not question him on...and he could be 'free' to remarry since he was the one who cheated!) Now my father and his 'worldly' second wife are the darlings of the KH and my mother--who never did anything wrong in her life-but marry that SOB- is shunned by the JWs AND her 'worldly' family! This is the same family that my sister and I as kids never knew because we were forbidden to see any of them because they were not JWs! And he has blamed that all on Mom too. This November would have been their 50th anniversary. Am I bitter? You bet! And this is not a good year for him to piss me off. Lying, cheating, schizo bastard!

    What prompted me to post the warning is that I have a photo of my MOTHER'S great great aunt Tillie on my webpage under the caption: 'Witch's Aunt Tillie-1906'---me being the 'witch' . This is one pic of three pages of pics-all refered to as 'Witch's...' because that is how I titled them. Aunt Tillie is on page two:

    Well week before last week my husband Lee decides to call my cousin-on my father's side- and his family(non-JW, but lives on same property as my father and Ruth)to wish them a Happy Easter, and the parents were not home so Lee chatted away to their grown daughter who we have not seen in a few years. It was a pleasant conversation about her college and boyfriend etc. It ended with giving her our email address. In the next few days we got like 4 emails from her telling us about her new job and new apartment and life plans, etc...she seemed happy to hear from us. This was the day before I posted a link on this forum to my webpage, which I did not give to my cousin's daughter---but now she has my email address remember.

    Cut to a couple of days later. I had heard that another cousin of mine on my MOTHER'S side is dying of liver cancer, and while we had been very close as children, we were not close as adults because of the crap my father started. She sided with my father and completely rejected her own blodd aunt(my Mother). She is not a JW either, but went to the KH with us as kid for yrs. and also worshipped my father. So anyway I get an email from her email address, and I am thinking that this is the email where she tells me she is dying--as I was told about it, but I was told not to let her know I knew because she did not want anyone to know yet. So I open it and lo and behold! it is actually from her sister---who I have not seen or heard from since she was about 10 yrs old, atleast 25 years ago! After this girl(who incidentally has had a terrible life--drugs, lost her kids to adoption, etc...)introduced herself to me AS A WITCH(yeah right) she goes on to blast into me for having a photo of Aunt Tillie on my webpage! WTF? Tillie died when I was 16--in 1978--Tillie raised my grandmother and MY mother, not any of my aunts and uncles, and I called her everyday after school and spent a weekend a month with her since I could walk--the others never even knew the woman! And why she was so upset about me having her pic on my webpage is still beyond me. But she called me names and then had the nerve to try to tell me that I was a poser and that I was violating the 'wiccan rede' by having Tillie's picture up and degrading her good name...?????????????????????and she ended by saying that other 'family members' were very upset too, but she was the only one who had the guts to confront me.

    I blasted her so far out of the water with my reply that she got sand up her nose. I started out by explaining that I was not wiccan and therefore had no rede or morals enforced on my abilities, including my ability to curse and hurt people who deserved it, I told her that she and the other family members so offended needed to look up the word 'family' in the dictionary, get a real life, etc etc etc.....

    no reply to that yet. but I did accidentally get a forwarded joke the other day---it was an accident I know, she probably forgot I was on her address list, because it also had her sister(my dying cousin)'s other email address, and another two aunts who I did not know were involved--but do now.

    So where does all this fit in with Ruth? Ruth has 'followed' my sister online before. She could not do it to me because she did not know my email address or forum nicknames. So whether my email from my cousin's daughter got to her accidentally or on purpose I don't know---but they live right next door. From there it was easy to search me out on this forum---which would be one of Ruth's first suspicions anyway. And from this forum she got the link to my webpage(it was private and could only come from a link--it was not listed--even tho I did take the block off and list it publically yesterday.)Now what I don't know is if my cousins actually saw Aunt Tillie's photo themselves or just took Ruth's word for it. I am going to assume they did not really see it themselves or else why on earth would anyone have reason to complain? what offended them-her name and date? So I figure after Ruth got all of them up in arms by making up some lie about the photo, then when they really checked it themselves and I sent my little reply back that they decided it would be better to drop it.

    So Ruth is here. I know she is. Wicked stepmother. But I am not in the mood. My mother has put up with their $h!t now for 17 yrs and I see my sister treated cruelly everyday(she works in the realestate office my dad and ruth run, as a receptionist)but guess what? I don't play that. And I won't take it from any of them. talk about a waste of protoplasm! worthless pieces of pig poop! human hemorrhoids! as far as my father goes---I will live to see him go down big time. and it is coming. when the Borg falls he will be right there on the bottom of the pile!


  • worldlygirl

    Ravyn, you GO GIRL. We got your back!

  • Ravyn

    thanks for all the 'good' wishes! hey Francois! you asked me to explain... after tomorrow I cant keep this on the top of the list any longer.....

    luv y'all


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