post for my stepmother and any other interested parties...

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  • Ravyn

    just to update and bring this back to the top of the list again...

    My stepmother went out of her way yesterday to comment on the picture of my sister that is also on my webpage. So she basically identified herself as the one responsible for the situation. She is being cruel to my sister, but I can't get my sister to do anything about it. She won't even talk back or refuse to accept Ruth's crap. You can bet if I was there it would not be happening. But my sister is disabled and feels like she needs this job.

    I am sending my stepmother a Mother's Day card this year. Just my way of letting her know that I am still around.....and aware.


  • SheilaM

    Ravyn: I know how angry you can get, My Mother adored my Father put up with his Bull**** for 32 years and now she has Alzheimer's. He told my Step-Mother a pack of lies well now after over 20 years she knows the truth hee he hee pay backs are hell

  • Ravyn

    Dear Sheila,

    I certainly hope my father's payback is as hellish as yours!


  • Francois

    Thanks for letting me know the score and the background and the entire wad of poop. Your stepmother is on a direct path to self-destruct. I wonder if she knows it?


  • neverthere

    Hey Ravyn:

    From one witch to another, follow the rede to the best of your abilities and to hell with the rest of them. If you in your heart are doing no harm, do it baby!!

    I know its hard sometimes, although I was not raised by JW's my ex's family was JW and they are not the nicest people in the world, for many reasons, not necessary to talk about right here or now.

    I do have family though that are devout christians, be they anglican, or born again and I have an uncle who is an evangelical baptist minister. They all think I am crazy for my religion, my beliefs and the way I raise my kids to believe what I do.

    I just try to keep in mind that they should not influence how I believe or live my life so long as I am not harming myself, my kids or the people that I love.

    Any time you wanna chat, just say hi, us pagans need to stick together at times,

    I have a pin for my coat that I don't wear anymore, goes like this "Last time we mixed politics and religion, someone got burned at the stake"

    No reason it can't be them this time, not us.

    take care


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