Let's Hear It For The Brits !!!!! Hip Hip & All That

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  • Simon

    I think about the only thing that is holding us back from joining the Euro is our ties to America and the fact that it would piss them off.

  • patio34

    Francois said:

    as for the person that characterized Iraq as an innocent, helpless country, you need to wake the hell up and get real.

    I don't know to whom you were referring, but on the 1st page of this thread I said that Iraq was

    non-threatening and defenseless.

    This is true. Nothing has been proved to the contrary. Even the speed with which they were conquered is evidence for their weak defenses. None of the neighboring countries said they felt threatened by Iraq. The US is hardly threatened (the terrorist connection with bin Laden unproved.


  • Francois

    The speed of their defeat is testimony that they are, to a man, cowardly bastards who content themselves with proving their "manhood" by using nerve gas on thousands of its own citizens. Who torture and kill even their friends. You ever hear of "Chemical Ali"?

    I'd be willing to bet that you've not read nearly enough of the history of the Saddam H. government in Iraq.

    We have been the world's policeman for decades, regardless of where people like it, support it, think it's wrong, deny it, hide from it, or otherwise display dysfunctional behavior toward this established fact. In that case, do we not have some sort of responsibility of bringing to an end the savaging of the Iraqi people by their own government? If we are the world's police, then you bet your ass we have that responsibility - like it or lump it.

    Some of earth's criminal governments lend themselves to direct attack, some other of them to more subtle means of change. But whatever is necessary is what we have been doing.

    And it drives me wild when people know just enough scattered facts to make one good argument about why we shouldn't do what we're doing, but don't know bupkiss (goat shit) about the big picture. So they present their precious little arguments (where's the WMD? You're just in it for the oil [which belongs to France, how odd]) and then when their little arguments are blasted out of the field are at a loss to argue any other point, so they repeat their little mantra about the only little thing they can conceive about the issues. Since this is the best they seem to be able to do, I'm in favor of ignoring the ignoramusses and do what we conceive is necessary to balance the scales, to seek justice for the greatest number, to allow the least number of people to be killed.

    When you are able to put up adult arguments, and to argue the entire issue, not just your pet objection, perhaps we will listen with more respect.


  • Simon

    Likewise Francois ... perhaps if you showed some respect for other people's opinions and didn't dismiss any and all valid criticism however well reasoned then we might listen more to you.

    As it is, you come across as someone who has rose tinted spectacles on ... hope they never fall off because you will be in for a shock when you see how things really are.

    World's policeman or world's protection racket? It's a matter of perspective ...

    BTW: Interesting now that you are trying to dismiss WoMD ... a "precious little argument". This seemed quite a big deal when the USA was using it for an excuse for war and now it doesn't matter? You just keep following the party line and thinking how you are told to.

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