Let's Hear It For The Brits !!!!! Hip Hip & All That

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  • WildHorses

    Ok forward, lets forget the lumping issue. I'm just tired of people bashing the country I live in. I dislike bashing any country as far as their people are concerned. It's the governments that suck. You can't even blame the President because he is just a yes man when you get right down to it. He is a puppit on a string.

    Look back at the history of every country out there. They all have skeletons in thier closets. None are perfect. So, when you talk about one country, you have to look at the bad done by your own as well. That is all I was getting at.

  • foreword

    Patio.......Nothing wrong with the French ( well..er...anyway)....I'm French (Canadian that is), I was just using an example.

  • patio34

    Lol, Foreward. Actually, I was referring back to . . . gosh I think it was in the article Francois originally posted and don't have access to it now. No problem.


  • COMF

    Perhaps the French would have supported the US in a legitimate cause.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Perhaps the French would have supported the US in a legitimate cause.

    You've got to be kidding. The French only look out for the own business interests, and up until a week or two ago, their 'interests' were in staying in bed with Saddam, and to hell with the Iraqi people who suffered under his cruel dictatorship.

  • Abaddon

    Englishman; Ever wondered why we don't have the Euro?

    Oooo... don't get me started. I love the fact I am English. No problem there, lots of other lovely places and people, but I'm happy to be where I am from. But I think many British peoples' attitude towards the EU/Euro is like the two of the three monkies; cover your eyes, cover your ears... and keep the mouth going.

    In fifty to a hundred years time there will ONLY be the Euro and the Swiss Franc in Europe. The Swiss Franc will be Swiss, the Euro you will probably be able to spend from the Western shores of Ireland to the border of China.

    There are about three things that can stop this happening, and they are major wars, major diseases, major reccesions; and even then it's just delaying really, not stopping.

    It's quite likely in the same period the US dollar will be adopted by some other American countries, and that an 'Asio' or some such will be developed as a common Asian currency, or the Yen or the Ozzy dollar or some such will serve as such, becoming legal tender in more than one country.

    These are all 'rock of cliff' events in history. There is only one way, you can kick, drop or throw the rock, but it is going DOWN.

    In Europe, within fifty years, I think it's quite likely we will see a fair degree of federalisation, quite possibly upto and including an effective EU presidency.

    Now, Britain can cover it's eyes and ears to the inevitable, and sing "They'll always be an England", but it ain't gonna change history.

    Obviously a lot depends on the USA; megapower status does that to a country. Whether the USA develops increasingly protectionist and conservative policies (which seems likely given the demographics) or becomes more integrated in consensual world government... ah, it's far harder to call than the Euro issue. A lot of it depends on the religious right; I have a sneaking suspicion the religious right at some point will piss off the sort-of-a-bit-religious-but-really-far-more-secular middle so much that it will lose its disproportionate bite of the cake of power. This will be a good thing for world geopolitics.

    As for Tony Parsons taking an idea and running with it; it's kinda sweet.

    Everyone knew France and Russia et. al. would be better off with the civilian reigeme as was intact, so the lack of support of war was no surprise. Likewise, everyone knew that the USA and the UK would be better of with war, so their support was no surprise. By better off don't neccesarily mean just financially (the war will take some time to pay for) but politically too. To chastise people for looking after their countries vested interests means eveyone needs a whipping, and if all we have to figure out is 'who is the least morally reprehensible', why bother?

    It shows a wonderful use of irony for the Americans to coyly suggest that the Iraqis be given major debt relief, as the debt relief would be given by Russia, Kuwait, and the Gulf States... very much a case of 'stuff you, you shouldn't have been selling that shit and you guys are rich anyway, next time back us, ha ha!'. I think it's very funny!

    Tony is just getting a little over excited; many of the examples he gives as European attitudes are as often espoused by Brits as any European. The fact that not love for us Brits (or Europeans) but the USAs own interests have triggered involvement in WWI and WWII also seems to escape him slightly in his eagerness to make a point. If it were in their national interests the UK would turn their back on the USA, just like the USA would turn its back on the UK in the same circumstances. Special relationship pah!

    Maybe working in a European Call Centre dealing with eleven languages and fourteen countries gives you a wider view. All I really want the Euro to be common tender in the UK for is it is so pointless having to change currency when I go to see my kids; the Euro and the Pound have been functionally linked as currencies for over two years now; you can effectively scribble € 8 on each £ 5 note and £ 3.10 on each € 5 note and have done with it...

    Note to Xena; as you so vociferously objected to such a wicked term as 'many' when applied to Americans I look forward to your defence of the English when I slander them unjustly in a similar fashion

  • Francois

    Simon sez, "Remember, there was a time when Britain stood and faught [sic] totally alone against the Nazis."

    Um, I believe that Sir Winnie was getting secret help from Roosevelt the entire time. I seem to remember reading that. Notwithstanding, I continue to consider Churchill a giant among men and the most important politician, or person, of the twentieth century.

    As for the person who characterized Iraq as an innocent, helpless country, you need to wake the hell up and get real.


  • Xena

    lol abaddon, you ARE one of them....obviously you would know them better than I do....just as I most likely know the American mentality better than you do.

    And don't you roll your eyes at me mister!

  • Aztec

    "Anti-European feeling goes right across the board of public opinion, even among the millions of Americans who are passionately against attacking Iraq." That statement is a complete fallacy! I don't know anyone in my day to day interaction that feels that way. I have family and friends who are both for and against this "war" and not a single one of them has any anti-European feelings. My sister and brother in law (who's a staff sargeant in the Army) just got back from being stationed in Germany and they said nothing but great things about the Germans they met. Broad, sweeping generalizations like that statement make me quite skeptical of the entire article. ~Aztec

  • Abaddon

    Couldn't resist it...

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