Let's Hear It For The Brits !!!!! Hip Hip & All That

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  • Francois

    Tony Parsons is a British Journalist. - This appeared in a London newspaper recently.

    Mar 17 2003, by Tony Parsons

    I hope that the continent of Europe never again needs help from the United States of America.. I hope that there's never some murderous little tyrant - another Hitler, another Milosevic - that Europe needs help in taming.

    I hope that there's never some economic catastrophe that requires American dollars to make it right, as they did at the end of the Second World War.

    I hope that the euro experiment works. I hope that all those peace-loving souls in Belgium, Germany and France can somehow muster an army to protect themselves.

    I hope that the continent I live on never again needs to go cap in hand to the Americans.

    Because if that black day ever comes, I have the feeling that America might just tell Europe where to go.

    On the eve of war, there is a tangible anger in America. But surprisingly little of it is directed against the Iraqis. It is the French who are detested.

    "This is all about oil," the Brits hear all the time. And Americans think it is "all about oil" too. The 50 billion worth of oil contracts that France has with Iraq. In American eyes, that is why the French are so keen to avoid war.

    Anti-French feeling in the United Kingdom is never more than a passing fancy a jokey bit of "hop-off-you-Frogs" banter.

    Not in America.

    The cafeteria in the House of Representatives no longer serves French fries - chips to you and me, guvnor. Now they sell something called "freedom fries". That sounds nuts - and of course it is.

    But when a furious Congresswoman presents a "bring home our dead" bill demanding that the 75,000 American men and boys who died in France during two world wars be dug up and brought home, you realise that this is more than "hop-off-you-Frogs" banter.

    Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite says, "The remains of our brave servicemen should be buried in patriotic soil, not in a country that has turned its back on the US and on the memory of Americans who fought and died there."

    That's the difference between the British and the Americans.

    We do not feel that the British casualties in two world wars died to liberate the French. We believe that we were fighting for our nation's survival. Just like the Russians.

    It is different for Americans.

    Throughout the 20th century, through two world wars and one Cold War, America gave all the blood and money Europe needed to keep it free.

    They feel that the current crisis has proved that Europeans are, when all is said and done, an ungrateful bunch of Euro bastards who do not give a flying baguette about the 75,000 American graves in Europe.

    Anti-European feeling goes right across the board of public opinion, even among the millions of Americans who are passionately against attacking Iraq.

    America is united in feeling betrayed by Europe. America is finally starting to understand that - to Europe's eternal shame - there is an opinion that 9/11 was America's comeuppance.

    Secretaries and waiters leaping from the top of the burning twin towers?

    The fault of American arrogance.

    A terrified four-year-old girl cowering at the back of a hijacked plane?

    Blame it on America's support for Israel. A stewardess with her throat slit by a carpet cutter? One in the eye for American imperialism.

    Those 3,000 dead, murdered on live television? And Europe blames America.

    When 9/11 happened, you might have expected to see Palestinians dancing in the street. But who would have expected the grim look of satisfaction on the faces of old Europe?

    But the British are absolved of Europe's sins. Those who are against the war admire Britain because we had a peace march where one million people filled the streets.

    Those for the war admire Britain because Tony Blair has been a true friend to America. And although the man on the M25 might make jibes about Blair being a "poodle", among American hawks our Prime Minister is seen as dangerously strong-willed.

    There is a school of opinion in America that believes the war could have been over by last Christmas if Tony Blair had not been so keen on proceeding through the correct diplomatic channels. Nobody calls Tony Blair a poodle in the USA.

    It has been good to be British in America these past few weeks.

    For America has been reminded that Britain is the best friend it has in the world, joined by blood, language, history, instinct and culture.

    When will the British wake up from their pathetic little dreams of being Europeans and realise that we have been looking for our future in all the wrong places?

    Who wants to be European today? Who wants to be an ungrateful, unprincipled, two-faced, pacifist, Euro-grasping, oil-hungry Lilliputian?

    No matter what happens over the coming days and weeks, it is true what they say. The English Channel is far wider than the Atlantic.

    your cousin, francois

  • Englishman
    No matter what happens over the coming days and weeks, it is true what they say. The English Channel is far wider than the Atlantic.

    We know. Most us, anyway. Ever wondered why we don't have the Euro? It's because, deep down, most Brits don't want to be Europeans.


  • LittleToe

    This year marked my first trip to the USA and I LOVED it!!!

    Having travelled to a number of European destinations I can honestly say that this last vacation was the best.

    As for the solidarity shown (and the lack, thereof), during this recent conflict, it says a lot...

  • Simon

    I fail to see what stewardesses dying and people leaping from burning buildings has to do with the war in Iraq. Is this article trying to claim that this somehow justifies it? That we shouldn't ask for or question any presented "evidence", however bogus or poorly fudged it is?

    What exactly is the point it's trying to make? We should allow America free reign because one day "we may need them"?

    If America feels betrayed, then maybe they should ask WHY there was not universal support for the war in Iraq. After the massive sympathy shown after Sept 11 (even by traditional 'enemies'), how could this be frittered away ... ask yourself that - it takes a special kind of skill by Mr Bush to turn massive support to opposition and almost anger in little over a year and to alienate long-term allies such as European countries. He even had Germany talking of kicking US bases out !!

    Yes, Americans died in WWII. And guess what ... they weren't the only ones. Britains died, French died, Russians died ... we all died fighting Hitler.

    Now, what the hell has this to do with Iraq?

  • ballistic


    "I hope that there's never some economic catastrophe that requires American dollars to make it right, as they did at the end of the Second World War"

    Enough said.

  • Simon

    ... or some economic catastrophe that requires the support of the Euro

    It works both ways.

  • foreword

    Oh no, watch it...here we go again....LOL

    Another thread doomed to be damned.....

    Francois, someone had to show some grit and teeth.....glad you did...

    For America has been reminded that Britain is the best friend it has in the world, joined by blood, language, history, instinct and culture.

    That's what I've been saying all along. Actually, the British, Americans, Australia (english) and Canada (english)(and I'm sure I forget some) are family, they are of the same bloodline, so it's only normal that they remain allies and fight together.

    This war has further riffed the world though.

    One of the problems facing the English is this; their financial culture. The English need to sell their products. That's what they're known for, their money savvy. Even more so today, since a lot of their products are being manufactured and assembled by other races (I don't know how much, so please don't quote me on this). They can't afford to alieniate these countries.

    They can't afford either to have their products boycotted by the purchasing countries, which I'm sure the Europeans are part of.

    So you see, and as the article states, if they wish to keep their military motor going, in order to protect others (or refrain from doing so) they cannot separate themselves too much from the rest of the world, otherwise their cash flow will suffer, along with their funding of their military.

    They can't be too quick in shutting themselves out because of misplaced arrogance. They need as much other peoples money as the others need their military force for protection.

    Simon had a point when he said that others also died facing Hitler. But I will say this, it is true that the English and Americans are the powers that set the nails in Hitler's tomb. Can't deny that. But are we supposed to just let you guys roam free, and never object. That would be somewhat anti-democratic. Some still, and will always believe this war was unnecessary, regardless of your arguments in freeing and ridding the world of WMD.

    As far as the conspiracy theories backing the 9/11 attacks, well, we'll probably never know the truth, but I will always consider the posibility, cause we live in a corrupt world. I do have to bring up a comment you made not too long ago, I didn't comment then, but will mention it now.

    Please, this is just a little humourous side note. You said..."Conspiracy theories, there's one behind every bush"....or "Bush" I thought then....lol

    I think that as much as the US will try to get back at those diverging in opinions with them, others will desperately try to detach themselves from the US, especially in the financial realm. Which might hurt the US more than they expect in the long run.

  • foreword

    Another side note....I'm sure and I hope that some Europeans will comment on the denigrating comments about them in the article....lol.

    Ahhh, the freedom of speech, satisfying ain't it.

  • Brummie

    Thanks for that francois, hope there will be more articles in our British newspapers along the same lines.

    Thumbs up to the guy who wrote that.


  • neyank

    Well, it's quite an article.

    And I agree with it.

    I have one thing to say about Mr.Tony Blair.

    He has my upmost respect.

    A true leader.


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