MORE Pics from the FreedomFest Awards

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  • Sentinel


    ...............Now that has a nice ring to it.

    ......... Excellent title for a good occasion.

  • DanTheMan

    I made it home last night around 10 p.m. Flights were uneventful, though I jump every time I hear the clunking sound of the pilot letting the landing gear out during the descent. I got off the plane in Cincy (where my layover was) and the 50 degree temperature told me I was back in Ohio - yuck! (I'm a lousy Ohioan, I guess I should sell my state a little more than I do!)

    It was so sad to leave after having such a great time and meeting so many wonderful people.

    The biggest surprise was Barb and Joe and how well they've adjusted to post-dub life after having been so involved in the org for so many years. They seem to have a very strong marriage, which was nice to see.

    Many thanks to Joy & Steve for such a wonderful, memorable weekend. What a fabulous place they have, just beautiful. Good weather, beautiful location, good food, lots of laughs (and drinks!), great people, what more can you ask for? The apostafest gods smiled upon us this past weekend!

  • MegaDude

    Just wanted to echo Jade's comments. We drove over 1600 miles roundtrip and it was worth every mile.

    Mucho thanks to Joy and Steve for hosting the Freedom Fest in their little piece of paradise in Florida. Those of you who have seen Joy's sunset pics know what I'm talking about. It was like being in a vacation spot with an endless white sandy beach, a cool breeze that constantly blows, and a calm blue ocean.

    I enjoyed meeting everybody, and I do mean everybody. Joy and Steve are hosts extraordinaire, and not only that but more significant and of greater importance is Joy is a damn fine cook who can make a steak like nobody's business. Yummmmmmmmm, steaks, baked potato, Coppola merlot, and some hugely unhealthy fat mega-delicious desert fixed by Think41self, shared with good people and the spectacular view of the beach at sunset. It doesn't get better than that.

  • think41self

    ((((Jade, Dan, Waiting and Megadude))))

    Glad you guys all made it home safely. Joy and Steve have an absolute perfect setup for freedom fests, do they not?

    I enjoyed meeting you so much. I can't wait for the next one!

    And Megadude, I don't think my dessert was any more fattening than your chocolate martinis!!! woohoo


  • Mulan

    dave and i drove back to south florida with bruce, dorian and rachelle (venice). we have been hanging out here enjoying the sun, and their boat. we have to go home to reality tomorrow, and the pacific northwest. boooo..............i hear it's cold.

    been too busy to post, and this computer has problems, so it isn't easy to do this. the shift on the left and the number 6 don't work. (have to copy and past the 6)

    the freedom fest was great. i enjoyed meeting think41self and FreePeace SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! great folks. there are people you just immediately bond with, and i felt that with them. Dana (safe4kids) is very funny and nice too.She had the most memorable quote from the whole weekend, but i can't post it.......sorry. those of us who were there, were was so appropriate and gritty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Waiting sounds exactly like Annie Potts and is just so sweet. her hubby is so nice too.

    Megadude made great drinks, and his sisters are darling. they look great in bikinis too.

    joe and barb anderson and her mom, Florence, are just the nicest people, and barb is very easy to talk to. i enjoyed getting her advice about dealing with elderly parents. Florence is from Poland and I brushed up on my limited Polish, and she actually understood me. we had met barb before.................and her mom. first time meeting joe though.............he is amazingly well adjusted...........not like an elder at all anymore.

    joy and steve are the best hosts around. i agree he has the most beautiful eyes!!!!!!!!!! joy is such a gracious hostess and you can tell she really enjoys all the people. good line about the empty nest, joy!

    Flower and b ster (underscore doesn't work either) are pretty shy, and their little boy is adorable.

    Dantheman reminds me of our son, Danny, and really does have a "tom cruise" kind of smile like Tracey said earlier. i am so glad he came. i could take him home and he would fit right in with our family. guys arrived late that night and talked until after 2AM. i WAS trying to sleep. i went downstairs the next morning, kiddingly mad at everyone for talking all night, and someone said "give her some coffee...........quick!!!" All in fun!!

    What a great place for a freedom fest. i can't wait for the next one.

  • Joyzabel

    Too bad good things must come to an end.

    We had blondie & her hubby irreverent this weekend along with Barb, Joe & Florence.

    So everyone enjoy a suset pic. (this evenings)


  • Mulan

    Wow that is a great sunset shot. Makes me homesick for Florida

  • think41self


    That pic makes me homesick for Joy and Steve!

    ((((Mulan & Big Red)))) Mulan, thank you for your kind comments. Doug and I also felt like we bonded with you. Sitting up on the balcony, feeling that nice breeze, chatting about anything and was great.

    And YES I knew you were teasing all of us the next morning about being noisy. Honestly...I didn't even know you were upstairs! I knew Bruce was asleep downstairs...and I found out after I took my stuff upstairs that Waiting and Hubby were sleeping...but somehow I never knew you guys were up there (the house is huge!) So anyway, I'm sorry we were noisy (it was mostly Venice and Safe4kids ) and I just enjoy teasing people, so I had to tease you too.

    I look forward to seeing you again...maybe at a future FreedomFest!!!! Woohoo.


  • Mulan

    Tracy..............I miss you and Doug!!! I just sent him an email.

    Hahahahahhaa...........I can dish it out too. (wearing sunglasses in memory of my sunny trip to Florida...............I am still VERY jet lagged)

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