MORE Pics from the FreedomFest Awards

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  • happy man
    happy man

    hello, very intresting pictures, do any now if this woman B. Anderssson use this site, or her husband, I think we are a few how hade a lot of qestions to them, if so tell me what nick name they have.

    I can tell that here in sweden the elders now after the sweed TV programUppdrag gransknig,have some new info fromCO, , we can not as a cong go to the police if not the law say so, BUT we inqurige elders how heard this to do so i personal, if any JW have info about this they willhave no punishment if they tell the police, infakt they say they stand behind it, if some want to take this stepp, sounds that this sweed Tv program have some inpakt on this issu, two stepp bak,if I have understan this things good.

  • hillary_step


    I am astonished that the Governing Body do not seem to appreciate the work that apostates do in ensuring that their Organization adheres to the standards of justice, decency and honesty expected in the civilized world. The positive changes wraught on them the past twenty years both in theological and social terms, can almost exclusively be traced back to the 'evil slave' doing the 'faithful slaves' work for them

    Personally, I think it is about time that they put us on the payroll.


  • Francois

    Hey, Freepeace, what were you doing in Savannah, GA? That's my current address, until I can make it back to Atlanta, that is.


  • Aztec

    Cool pics! I had no idea Dantheman was so cute! *Making a mental note to email Dan* LOL! Thanks for the pics. Florida is a beautiful state. I've only been there once but I thouroughly enjoyed it. ~Aztec

  • patio34

    Ahhh, being the older sister of Waiting, I was disappointed not to see her sweet smiling self in the photos. But I really enjoyed the rest of them. Thanks for posting them FreePeace--they're great. Wish I could have been there!


  • blondie

    Great pictures everyone. What a great group!


  • FreePeace

    Hey Francios, I was going to do a management seminar, but had to cancel it due to my back going out. I would love to meet you sometime. You can see my current schedule at

    Patio, Waiting requested to not have her pictures posted. I "spray painted" them out in some of the pics.


  • Prisca

    Everyone looks great, glad you all had such a good time. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  • patio34

    Thanks for the explanation, FreePeace. I had forgotten about her preferences. It looks as if you all had a great time! What a beautiful setting Joy and Jst have there!


  • think41self

    OH MY GOD!!!! I had SO much fun talking with everyone, I can't even tell you.

    First, I want to thank Joy2bfree and Just2laws. What awesome hosts. The minute we arrived we felt comfortable and at home, that is a gift you two possess, and it was much appreciated.

    Dantheman....what a sweetheart! I so enjoyed getting to know you better...(to Aztec who mentioned how cute he is, he is even CUTER in person), he has a Tom Cruise kinda smile going on!

    Waiting and her husband were so cool...she wasn't the least bit intimidating and she has this charming southern accent, very lady like and dignified. Her husband had some scary AND funny motorcycle stories to tell.

    Mulan and Dave were very easygoing and likeable...except for the first morning when Mulan chewed us all out for being so noisy down in the hot tub the night before! hehehe

    Bruce and Dorian and Venice...what a family! Bruce is so quiet and dignified...and Dorian and Venice talk and laugh non about some FUN party girls. Woohoo!

    b_ster was such a sweetheart, helping out with the dishes and helping everyone with their computer hookups. Flower was a very quiet lady at first, very easy to talk with, and her son is ADORABLE!

    Megadude was a little different from what I expected. I had kidded around with him so much in chat, I thought he would be a real character. Instead, he's a very deep thinker and wanted to interrupt our party time with questions about the meaning of life!!! Seriously, he was great to talk with, and he makes the best damn margaritas and chocolate martinis ever. I highly recommend inviting him to ANY future fests!

    Jade and Roo were there too, what sweethearts. I'm sorry I didn't get more time to talk with them, but they made our beach fest complete by being the blonde babes in bikinis in the hot tub!! Gotta have blonde babes, right?

    Barb and Joe Anderson, what down to earth people! Barb has so many fascinating stories to tell, I needed a weekend just with her! Joe is quite a talker too, when you get him going (and when he mistakes the long island iced tea for the regular tea !!) HAHAHAHA, I thought Joy would never stop teasing him about the whole gallon of iced tea she made just for him, but he kept drinking the other.

    Last but not least, Joy and Just's son Seth was there, what an awesome young man he is! Really sharp and has a lot on the ball. He didn't mind all these strange people invading his home, and he took the time to show the kids how to do tricks with his kite. Their daughter popped in too. Their daughter is so sweet and pretty...

    Thanks again everyone for an awesome weekend! It was well worth the 8 1/2 hour drive. I will do it again as soon as we are invited......(hint, hint)


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