MORE Pics from the FreedomFest Awards

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  • FreePeace

    We just had our Awards Ceremony, and here are some pics. Marilyn MC'd and did an outstanding job! She purchased ribbons for 10 categories. The ribbons were preprinted with awards, so that's what we used. Everyone filled out a ballot, and while everyone got a nomination, here are the final results:

    1. "I'm a Winner" -- Barb Anderson and her mother Florence. Florence had already retired for the evening. Here you see Barb doing a "little dance." (too bad I didn't get the "flash dance" she did!)

    3. "Participation Award" --- Mulan and Dorian Baker. (I wasn't fast enough to take Dorian's pic)

    4. "Leadership Award" --- joy2bfree and jst2laws. These two did a GREAT JOB!

    5. "Honorable Mention" --- Joe Anderson (Joe had already retired for the evening)

    6. "I'm Special" --- Mulan (she is special!)

    7. "Award of Excellence" --- joy2bfree & jst2laws

    8. "Good Sport" --- Big Red (Dave King, Mulan's hubby) Here is Dave and FreePeace:

    9. "Spirit Award" --- Venice and Roo

    10. "Great Effort Award" --- jst2laws, joy2bfree, & waiting


    Here, safe4kids is playing like she is in a Jerry Springer show in response to Megadude's (Jerry) award. The group started saying, "JERRY! JERRY!". (Please don't notice the wet spot on her butt)

  • Mulan

    Joy fixed filet mignon on the grill, incredible baked potatoes, salad and think41self brought dessert. Megadude finished us off with chocolate martinis and margaritas.

    We also had a spectacular fireworks show.

    It's getting late, and it's still in full swing. Well, a few have gone to bed. The kids are comatose after a day on the beach, in the pool next door, and having fun.

    Hillary_step called to wish us well...............many of us spoke to him too. Blondie's husband called too.

    We had some visitors pop in for dinner, an elder (resigned 5 months ago) and his wife, from the area.

    We polled the group and we have 652+ years as JW's, and 63 1/2 years as ex JW's. 5 former elders, 6 former MS, 8 former pioneers and 4 former Bethelites.

    The award winners were:

    1. I'm a winner = Barbara Anderson.............and her mother (2 awards)

    2. I try my best = Megadude

    3. participation award = Mulan and Dorian Baker (2 awards)

    4. Leadership award = Joy2bfree and Jst2laws

    5. honorable mention = Joe Anderson

    6. I'm special = Mulan (good grief)

    7. award of excellence = Joy2bfree and Jst2laws

    8. good sport = bigred

    9. spirit award = Venice and Roo (2 awards)

    10. great effort award = Joy2bfree and Jst2laws and Waiting (2 awards)

  • Farkel

    Hey Doug!

    Good to cya on here again! Glad you and others had such a great time! Ain't freedom from religious repression grand? Nice to see pics of your lovely wife and SIL, too.

    In case you missed it, I'm back making music again. Here is the link. You just might like the "Dubsticks"one. Life is good and getting better on this end, Doug. Hope the same is true for you.

    You've lost some weight, bud. You look terrific!

    Farkel, who first met Freepeace nearly forty years ago when he was toddler!.....

  • LyinEyes

    AWWWWWWW, looks like ya'll had a great time,,,,,,,,I love the pictures of everyone waving on the beach at sunset........just proves there is LIFE after JW. Everyone looks so happy and thanks so much for sharing these pics and the evenings details..........ya'll all look just great,,,,,,,,,, Even Megadude ,,,, he looks a little sunburned ???? Joy your home is magnificent and I could find not better place I would want to live,,,,,,looks like a very peaceful place.

    Sending hugs and much love to my brothers and sisters ,,,,,,,,,,,love ya all,,,,,,,,,Dede

  • Mulan

    It's Sunday morning and there are half dozen of us awake. We are all staying here at Joy2bfree and Jst2law's house. They have a LOT of bedrooms. Everyone has a bed too. The head count is 21 adults and 3 children. (more coming today, but some are going home today too)

    Joy has an Easter egg hunt planned for the kids later this morning. It's another gorgeous, sunny day.

  • FreePeace

    Hey Fark,

    Great to hear from you! It sounds like you're doing well. I will check out your music. You should try to come to the October FreedomFest.

    I am living my dream... doing seminars every week around the country... doing hypnotherapy on the weekends. My life is so much better than its ever been, it's not funny. Tracy and our boys are doing great. Tracy is getting her hypnotherapy certification, and starting to see clients now. She is going to go full time in a few months. I'm proud of her.

    Your mom called me a couple of weeks ago when I was in the ER in Savannah, GA. I had some terrible back spasms, and had to call 911 from my hotel. I'm doing great now. It's amazing what morphine and valium will do!

    I just got back from Idaho this week. I went to visit my dad's grave for the first time in Blackfoot. Here is a pic:

    I'm going to Portland & Salem, OR this coming week.

    Talk to you later,


  • FreePeace

    Some pics from Sunday morning at the Watchtower Study.... (NOT!):

    dantheman & safe4kids:

    Kids doing Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Shakita

    Wow, nice pictures!

    It looks like everyone is having a great time there. Maybe next time Mr. Shakita and I will be able to join in on the fun.

    Thanks for posting the pics,

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Irreverent

    Great pics!!!! Wish those who have to travel home a safe trip. For those arriving, enjoy!!! watch out for the uncooked eggs on the beach.

  • rocketman

    Cool pics! Hey, with all those former elders, ms's and pios, you had the makings of a solid congregation there!

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