Were You AFRAID Of The Elders???

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  • minimus

    Since the elders are always spoken of as being "a refreshment for your souls" and "loving shepherds", did you ever find yourself afraid of them?

  • Wolfgirl

    Some of them, yes. And I was always petrified when I was going to get a talking-to. Until the last one when I knew I was going to be DF'd. I didn't care anymore. I just answered their questions very directly, and they said, "You know this means you'll be disfellowshipped, right?" I said, "Yes," and away they went.

  • Francois

    No. I wasn't afraid of them I understood that the Emporer had no clothes, and besides I knew of their faults, foibles, false-starts, and fuckups. My main regard for elders was contempt.


  • freedom96

    Most of my witness experience was as a child, then teen, up to early 20's, so elders always seemed to have a place in my mind of authority, partly because they were adults, and demanded respect because of the age difference, but also because they could screw with your life so bad.

    A lot of this could be contributed to the fact that so many elders were never trained in human behavior, nor did they have any people skills, both needed in order to become a leader in the hall. Instead, many times you get people who become elders because who they know, what they did, and were full of pride, liked the power and recognition.

    Then, there were a few genuine elders that did care, did have people skills, and were loved for who they were.

  • JH

    The elders are COPS in the congregation. They have no love, they just follow rules given to them by people in higher positions.

    Love is not a word to describe an elder. Fear is.

    Fear, because their actions can tear your world apart. If elders came over to see people one on one, and dressed like everyone else, they would have more success. When 2 or 3 elders come over to see you, dressed in their uniforms and on service hours that shows that they are not coming as friends bus as COPS in the congregation. They want you to fear them.

  • hurt

    No. By the time I started to get into trouble, I knew the rules fairly well; that was after my first trouble (smooching with some girl, a non-JW); it was shortly after my baptism. Went to my favourite MS, some cool guy. I was jelly. He said no trouble; said I may not have to tall some elder unless it troubled me very very much. Said it wasn't a dfing offence; man,that was news. Said I wouldn't even get reproof of any form either, only some cute word about being careful next time. Ha! He was right. Cute guy, this guy. And I started learning the rules real fast. It was tough to be afraid of the elders on that level...

  • hurt


    I should say, not all elders are like that. Many of the guys I met aren't like that.

  • mattnoel

    Was never afraid of them, just found them a pain in the ass. They were always coming around moaning because I didnt get out on service or I didnt attend all the meetings etc etc. Was so annoying but there seemed no way out of it all.

  • minimus

    The elders of today have no time to pursue all those that aren't going out in service or attending meetings as they are supposed to. The truth is that there are so many no longer showing zeal in the ministry or in other JW activities that the elders could not possibly keep up with all the delinquents. Of course, you'll always get the elder that's extreme and try to follow the letter of the Society's law.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    As already mentioned, here too, my JW days were as a youngster/teenager; so yes, I had an unhealthy view of them equating to FEAR. I HATED when my mom would drag me in front of the elders like they were my father or something. GAWD

    And I do remember with much fondness those rare, caring elders, but it was not enough to keep me around. As soon as I turned 18, found a job, I was out of my mother's home. The rest is history.


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