JW's arrogant as f...?!

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  • Vidiot

    I think it's a common characteristic of most fundies.


    JW's arrogant as f...?!

    They`re trained to be arrogant..

    They teach arrogance..



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  • Diogenesister
    Longhairgal Witness religion lends itself to fantasy and certain behavior (that I considered offensive)...was tolerated there. I'm referring to older "anointed" who were deliberately difficult to deal with and expected people to "cater" to them. I also saw the same behavior in certain older pioneers and others who were around in the very early days. They thought they were better than the newer and younger JWs in the hall. They imagined they could be rude or make remarks and were not going to be called on it.

    Oh long hair gal I cannot tell you how much I agree here. Oh the rings those old time anointed used to run us in- they ran US ragged!! Grumpy not the word, obstinate and deliberately difficult!!

    Some of us young ones even dared to question if they really were anointed! Oooo O-ER missis!

  • FedUpJW

    if you want to converse with someone at a KH about 'moving up' they are very quick to dodge and show you your errors and why it just can't be done.

    Or they give you the old worn out, "Just keep doing what you're doing." Well after years of that sh-t I finally got FedUp and told them to take a flying leap!

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad somebody else saw this as well as me.

    This, in and of itself, should have told me something was wrong with the picture way back when! But, I was young, and just disregarded it and avoided these people. Once somebody showed these colors to me, I made sure I was never in their company again.

    Looking back on it, I suppose certain JW elders should have spoken to these people privately and kindly as possible explained why they should not act this way.

    However, I suspect that this DELUSIONAL behavior and certain people imagining they are "special" is part of the other legend of others who claim "God speaks to them". Everybody wants to get into the act.

    Perhaps all these divine claims and "holy people" gives a spiritual mystique to the whole thing and makes them look like a bona fide religion deserving respect and right up there with the Catholics and their miracles! Just sayin'.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I attended an event in which a third were family, a third friends of the family and a third were witnesses. Who do you think stood out as most reserved!

    To be fair 5 or 6 Witnesses made an effort 'to mix', but most generally stayed in their seats 'all night' without making an effort to talk to others In a part of the world where I am from where the culture is to talk to anyone and everyone, the witnesses looked out of place in their reserved (afraid to mix with worldly people) way.


    It's like a mandatory part of the JW persona if you want to make it big time as a SUPER JW, and it is like a competition to see who can be the greatest and most self righteous ass-hole in the congregation... This is the single greatest reason I made my exit. They are supposed to be the only true religion and closely imitating Jesus Christ?! Jesus Christ would have spit in their faces...

  • Alostpuppydog

    To be honest I am so glad I wasn't alone in seeing this hypocrisy! I would like nothing more than to call these hypocrites out as the white washed graces they are. But I am too subtle and just ignore and pray for them. 😇 Although I can just imagine Jesus would be on the podium beating the sht out of the lead elder haha 👏

  • Pistoff

    Hey, they are going to be the ONLY ones that the Almighty doesn't fry, cut up, crush or blow up on Judgement Day.

    Wouldn't you be a little aloof too?

  • ToesUp

    Eventually that is all that will be left in this organization . The power hungry and arrogant. They won't have anybody else to feed off of but one another . It will be interesting when they start combining congregations and one COBE has to give up his almighty position and move in a congregation with another arrogant COBE. We know of several people who have moved out of congregations because they couldn't stand others. It will be fun to watch when they are all thrown back in together again. Oh the fun! :)

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