JW's arrogant as f...?!

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  • Finkelstein

    With the pressing manifestations as being god's only chosen earthly organization.

    The Truth

    All other Christian based faiths are false and have been influenced by Satan the Devil.

    We will be saved from destruction where everyone else will be killed in the soon to come Armageddon.

    From a psychological perspective, no wonder JWS have arrogance built into their character and personality !

  • Ding

    This thread reminds me of the aggressive JW who puts his foot in the door and won't let the householder go until they take the mags.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Of course they are....it's in their genes. After all they are carrying Jehovah's name...like a woman, who brags she is married & got her man now....& the rest of you, what's wrong with you that you ain't married yet ?

    They would be this if they weren't witnesses. They would be the ones in churches fighting to sit in the front and be upset if their name wasn't mentioned for doing xy&z. Many witnesses need validation. They strive for attention & when given then shrink back & look humble as of to say, I wasn't looking for any attention, because you know, Thanks to Jehovah.

    I am currently a witness...many of the friends love to talk to me, because I don't judge, I just listen, but at times I say, even if this isn't God's org. it wouldn't bother me...because I don't put any stock in man...then I say, what would you do if this wasn't God's org. They are stopped dead in their tracks....I make them think...I tell them, man cannot be trusted....but the bible can be. If a brother or any of the literature says something & it's not in the bible...then it's not true. Then they answer but God is using imperfect men...I say of course...but are they so imperfect that when the Holy Spirit speaks or inspires, are they deaf too? I think they don't get so angry because I say, I would still stay if it wasn't God's org. (That's to pacify them)LOL...I also make them think deeply of why they are in the org. Is it to follow man or God.

    The Truth is not a building or an org. The Truth is in you...the bible does bring out certain truths about us that we may not want to admit. Do we gossip, are we stingy, are we nice, are we mean spirited, do we always look at others mistakes & not ours. Do we listen. Are we good to our families & friends... Are we good people ?

    So to the original topic...yes they are arrogant...that's all they have. Someone on this site said JW's are weak individuals who cannot cope with the outside world...& that statement is so true. Again, I'm a witness, so this stuff on the site is true...I see it first hand.

    I feel some come from some rocky homes or some type of mental illness...so they are doing the best they can. But they do think who the heck they are yet in the same breath say they are humble...NOT....

    I think to be angry with witnesses is a waste....you can feel sorry for them and hope one day the real scriptures will open up to them & they'll really get the truth...they are looking outside of themselves for the truth...& they will never find it...The org. changes their views too much...

    People need someone else to hate or look down on....that makes them feel better about themselves.


  • Finkelstein

    Just add to Tor1500 comments, JWS are perceived to be very special people from out of the mainstay of Christianity, they have the truth where all others are false doomed to destruction and yes carrying god's name as identification has that supporting relevance.

    The are essentially preaching the true Gospel of Jesus and doing god's will in their minds.

    The reality is they have been manipulated and mentally exploited to preach the Watchtower Corporation's tainted commercialized Gospel version.

    They self identify themselves in this manner and yes arrogance does come out this implemented suggestion, its not particularly loving in vein of Christianity but what they think is going to possibly save their life one day.

  • mayushii

    It's the hubris of certainty, of knowing all the answers... I was like that too before I woke up! Looking back on who I was makes me cringe!

  • 144thousand_and_one

    BS. I'll be the last to support the Watchtower, but stereotyping all JWs as "arrogant" is wrong. Although I've been out of the "Truth" for more than 3 decades, I've maintained contacts with several JWS, and "arrogant" is not an adjective I would use to describe any of them. Rather than labeling them in a negative way, simply because I disagree with their religious views, I prefer to look at them as very nice people whose religious beliefs are substantially different than mine.

  • neverendingjourney

    When I was in I thought I was smarter than Einstein. Not in an arrogant way, but in a humbling way. As in: Einstein didn't have the privilege of knowing "the truth" but somehow I did. It's easy to see how that same thought process can lead to out-of-control arrogance.

    That and the fact that looking back half of those a-holes couldn't make a name for themselves in the real world and abused the JW structure to attain social status and authority. It was usually accompanied by a mean self-esteem problem since deep down they were aware that they could never accomplish much outside of the confines of the JW world and the gullible followers who tolerated their tyranny.

  • LongHairGal

    Hi TOR:

    I have to laugh at what you said about the example of a woman who gets married and then brags about it. I remember one sister like this....Meanwhile, the guy she had NOBODY else would want!

  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, the majority of JWs who I have interacted with have definitely been arrogant.

    I don't know if that is just a quality that the Org is responsible for implanting in its members or if that quality is something that attracts the members. Probably both.

    The doctrine and structure of the JW religion is all about elitism. The higher you go up the food chain, the more elite you become. Until you can drink the blood of Christ and join in his lofty perch. And the lowly members, the ones who are merely of the worker class with no special privilege, usually act out their elitism by kicking the dog - the worldly ones.

    It has made me cringe when I have heard JW elders, with a grade school education, make derisive comments towards people who are educated professionals. I was working at a hotel desk one day when a herd of JWs came in. There was a newspaper with a headline about a judge on the front page that was lying on the desk. A fat elder, who I know didn't graduate high school, picked the paper up, read the headline and snorted, "Huh! Why would he want a raise? What is so hard about judging?" Snort snort and a big laugh. It took all my strength not to reach across that desk and slap him. I kept my mouth shut (one of the rare times) but I so wanted to tell him what a judge has for education and what kind of knowledge base he would have because of his years and years of studying and work. That elder had no business making fun of someone who could run rings around him as far as knowledge of the law goes.

    Many times I have heard JWs poke fun at people who are educated and professional. Or better dressed than they are, or just not like them. If a person isn't a JW - they automatically belong to the scorn class.

    The scorn of the elite. The arrogance of the elite. I have seen, heard and felt it many times. It isn't pretty.

  • PhilJonesIII

    Interesting that tepidpoultry made the comparison with those who follow the Islamic faith:

    To paraphrase : 'You are the best of people' while non-believers : '...are lower than cattle' according to Mohammad.

    The idea of superiority I can attest to from my pioneering days back in the 70s ( 100 hours a month back then ) and I was a real self-righteous little Nazi of the first order.

    Funny how getting older makes you see things more clearly. Realising that believing something does not make it true and that 'Millions now living' can be wrong as well woke me up slowly.

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