music groups that pi$$ed JWs off

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  • Swan

    Gosh, maybe Solomon was right after all. Maybe there is nothing new under the sun. Come to think of it, wise King Solomon did eventually become an apostate.

    It is interesting to read how that groups that were "forbidden" by the JWs come and go. Elvis and the Beatles are considered tame today. Mom made us get rid of our Beatles albums. There is nothing new, especially in the JWs. They keep reinventing the same old horrors about evil music groups out to corrupt their youth. They can't even come up with original urban legends.

    Ok so maybe the old time JW Urban Myth was that Earth Wind and Fire asked JW's to leave their concert, but when I was a youngin it was rumored around the hall that at Green Day concerts they would ask, "Are there any Jehovahs Witnesses here? Cuz if they are, we're gonna kick their asses!"...or so the story went...

    I also heard this same urban legend (with minor variations) about John Denver and Don Ho.

    What a bunch of paranoid losers!


  • Soledad
    It's one more example, and a very good one, of how the jws get so carried away by things they perceive as threats. My god, do Guns N Roses even matter any more? Same with most of this stuff. Groups become popular, then the winds of popularity shift. So when we look back, it's "what was all the fuss about?" by the jws.

    exactly, I brought this point up with my mom just a few days ago. I asked what was the big deal about me keeping teen magazines and tapes in my room when I was younger, she either destroyed them herself or made me destroy them. She said that it was idolatry. I asked her "do you still see me now hanging up posters in my room and keeping teen magazines.? Do you see me "worshipping" those people? It was JUST A PHASE, all teenagers of ALL NATIONALITIES and RELIGIONS do the SAME THING." she was silent for the rest of the day.

  • freddi

    We couldn't listen to Earth Wind and Fire. I just love this group. Their music is so awesome but I was told that one day at a concert that the leader of the group announced that the band wanted all Jehovah's Witnesses to leave the concert hall. I couldn't believe this one. It was never confirmed by any elder and I never wanted to question it cause you know how that goes. If you are told something by something by anyone in the borg then you are just suppoosed to go along with it. They used to say that alot of the groups artwork on their albums were taken from paganistic religions. Go figure.



  • freedom96

    Its funny with all the urban tales from witnesses about what artist did what, said whatever about witnesses etc.

    I decided long ago, that if I hear it with my own ears, that is one thing. Otherwise, it could just be gossip.

    Remember the old game, where one person would whisper into anothers ears? And they would repeat the same thing into anothers ears. 30 people later, always the story was way messed up. Same thing here. One person relates a story........... and so on. And urban tales are started.

  • Pleasuredome

    when acid house came out, it was another big underground dance scene that drew a lot of critisim, for the drugs and illegal warehouse parties. i remember when i first started going to meetings that the elders in my circuit made a bust of some sort on the organisers of a large get together at some nightclub. those that were found out were disiplined in some way and nothing was ever organised again.

    there is a JW youth subculture in england, that use cellphones to meet up at various locations for unsupervised parties etc.

  • hippikon
    all Jehovah's Witnesses to leave the concert hall

    Funny I heard the same thing about John Denver

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