How much money would it take for you to go out in service?

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    How much would it take? Whatever's on the price tag of this baby!

  • mattnoel

    You couldnt pay me to go out and try and reck peoples lives like that !

  • ballistic

    You are of course right. Everything DOES have a price on it. Whether it be money or your life. If someone stuck a gun to your head and told you to do it, you might.

    There are a load of charity scams going on in the UK at the mo. People come round pubs trying to scam money. They make millions and a few quid a year goes to charity. They are allowed to operate. It sucks.

    It is noble that people answer the thread that they would not put a price on it, but in the world we live in... there is a price, however much we would like to deny it.

    ...and believe me, I never wanna be seen on a door again.

  • GentlyFeral

    ballistic has a point:

    If someone stuck a gun to your head and told you to do it, you might.

    Yes, but they'd have to walk to every door with me and keep the gun at my head, or I'd make no guarantees ... and of course their presence would be a dead giveaway about my state of mind.

    OTOH, if I could do it the Unitarian way -- a free-ranging discussion respectful of all points of view, but with a keen eye on historical research and current scholarship, with coffee and cookies to follow -- I'd do it for expense money.


  • ikhandi

    I actually did not mind going out in service. What I did not like was going out when it was cold, rainy, or snowy. I hated wearing skirts and would preferred wearing pants.

  • Mystery

    Could I pick a neighborhood with only JW's residing?

    They would have to guarantee me 15 min. of me talking with no replies until i am finished. And the entire famlily has to be there. Including kids.

  • crownboy

    A couple hundred would be enough (it's basically offering a magazine and hearing "no" ) . If offered $1million, I'd even give a presentation offering a book. I guess I'm just easy to bribe .

    I've been in field service enough to know that it doesn't work. So I view such an excerise as a "no harm, no foul" situation.

  • willyloman
    I did that for free for 25 years. I've learned about ethics and personal integrity since then.

    What Scully said!

    In the immortal words of Maya Angelou: "You did what you knew until you knew better."

    Ethics and personal integrity are priceless. Anyone who would go back to this crap and worse, spread the infection to others, has some serious work to do in their head.

  • Blueblades

    Let's see over thirty years going out in service for free and bringing in the money for them,They owe me about this much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



    already,they are behind in their payments.

    Blueblades,who can't be bought,remember THE UNTOUCHABLES,I'm one of them.

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