Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Stupid People???

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  • minimus

    JW's are supposed to be the cleanest, the happiest and the most honest people on earth. In reality, do you think that they are amongst the most stupid people on earth???

  • Farkel

    This is a really STUPID topic, minimus. It evokes nothing, it accomplishes nothing.

    I was a dub, and I'm ten times smarter than people who are ten times dumber than me.

    See what I mean?


  • NaruNaruChan


    I don't think they are stupid people... just... Naive. I mean, each of us has an element of naiviety (sp?) to us... and being controlled appeals at one point, I guess. i don't think they are stupid, though... I know some JWs who scored 1600 on the SAT, 1460, etc. They're booksmart but brainwashed.

  • freedom96

    Not so much stupid as having their head in the sand.

  • Robdar

    What? They are supposed to be the cleanest people on earth?! I bought my house from a JW family. I was amazed at the dirty condition that they left it in.


  • unclebruce

    :::settle down bro.farkel ya great touchstone of crap disernment minimouse is just giving us a sounding board .. his threads are kinda like the fluffy cream on the pie lol .. sure this is all goofy stuff but can we please try and have some fun ... please (ooo suck'n up hurts! .. don't think i'll do that again lol now for a serious answer to a stupid question:

    Minimouse asks: Are Jehovah's Witnesses A Stupid People???

    Serious Answer:

    When I was a young pioneer investigating JW origins I came across a detailed scientific paper on the mental health of English Witnesses. It concluded that Jehovah's Witnesses had a higher than average IQ and were mostly middle class.

    The super rich enjoy life now i guess and the poor can't afford to be fooled.

    unclebruce (above average IQ with a lower than average bank account :(

  • Joyzabel

    "my momma always said 'stupid is what stupid does'" Forrest Gump

  • greven
    amongst the most stupid people?

    Stupid is to harsh a word a would say they are amongst the most naive and gullible.

    They DO have the capacity to think but this is numbed down by indoctrination and isolation, to this children are the most vunerable and that is where they get most growth from.


  • jwbot

    Not stupid, nieve is a better word. Some classmates of mine who were witnesses were very studious, got great grades and offers from colleges they would turn down so that they could have their talents wasted cleaning toilets at Bethel. They deserved college more than I did.

    My sister who is just so completely brainwashed (disfellowshipped and AS QUICK AS SHE COULD REPENTED and told me she was worthless, how sad is that?) graduated high school at age 16. She went to a 2 year community college because witnesses were discouraged from going to 4 year colleges, for office work. She is this smart woman, training to be a secretary. Its not right. No offense against secrataries, but she didn't want to be one, she just thought that thats all she could go to college for. She is a talented writer. *sigh*

  • minimus

    UnkleBooze, What detailed scientific paper are you talking about? The EVOLUTION book??? How stupid must one be to accept only illogical conclusions?

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