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    Well, I had never met more unwell people in my entire life.

    They were into vitamins, and selling all sorts of health-related items.

    What we see as spam today in our inbox, seem to be the same kind of things the Dubs would push throughout the congregation.

    Vitamins were the biggie, and health related books and pamplets.

    They could tell you what was wrong with you by consulting this book/s.


  • foreword

    In the seventies disco was a big thing with the young crowd....I couldn't stand it myself ...but a lot would dress like Travolta.....

    So then they had articles about the movie "Saturday Night Fever"....and how some girl was giving this guy a job in the back seat of a car....anyway...at the time I didn't see the movie because of the bad press and what others might think..

    So a few years ago I got a chance to watch it, thinking I'll check out what the big stink was all about....man was I disapointed....what a boring movie...I couldn't believe it. These days it would be rated PG, if that...and probably wouldn't make it in the theatres.

    I remember the brothers wearing these ugly shoes....thick soles....

    btw....I saw one of those rubbery mushrooms you guys are talking about....what are those anyway....lol

  • rocketman

    While I am a fan of Star Trek to some degree, I will be the first to acknowledge the fact that it seems to attract geeks and freaks, lol. Matty, I noted the same thing in that JWzone. Weird place.

  • blondie

    JW Health Fads from the past (first two still practiced today)

    The Grape Diet for cancer



    For example, The Golden Age rarely published much accurate information on science, medicine, or inventions in these fields. As medical advice they promoted some of the most notorious medical "quacks" and loose cannons of the twentieth century including Albert Abrams, [19] George Starr White, [20] Charles Betts, [21] Bernarr MacFadden and Johanna Brandt. The "cures," remedies and diagnostic methods they promoted included Iridiagnosis, [22] Zone Therapy, the Grape Cure (for cancer), the Electronic Reactions of Abrams (the ERA or Radionics), [23] Radium laced "appliances" such as Radium eye glasses [24] and the "Radio-Solar" or "Radio-Active" Pad. [25] Most of these endorsements were of methods and devices that were at least questionable and unproven at best, and at worst known to be frauds at the time.

    Aluminum pots/pans cause cancer


    Radio Biola


  • In_between_days

    I think the fad that has popped up the most in this thread is health diets and vitamins, natural medication ect. This was always huge in dub land, no matter what congregation you went to. I wonder why this is?

  • NaruNaruChan

    Raquetball in my congregation became a big fad... i took a class and then got shunned because it was all'guys that played the sport... and so they thought I was fooling around... sheesh, riiight.

    Also, glitter make-up for sisters, and new haircuts..

  • greven

    In_between_days, :

    I think the fad that has popped up the most in this thread is health diets and vitamins, natural medication ect. This was always huge in dub land, no matter what congregation you went to. I wonder why this is

    I think this is because 1) they are gullible and 2) the WTS learns them to distrust modern science including medical science. So they turn to pseudo science and self help stuff.


  • Angharad

    We had the loud tie fad but also loud matching waistcoats too

    There was also the custom made bookbags (made by a brother of course) that all the pioneers had.

  • SYN

    No fads in my Cong...it was simply too strict...any deviation from the norm was a punishable offense.

  • MoeJoJoJo

    Don't know if this qualifies as a fad or not but many in a congregation we attended seemed to have back problems and saw a chiropractor. They all went to the same chiropractor. Maybe they all had back problems because of lugging those heavy bookbags around. They would talk about how they had gone to get an adjustment and how much work their back needed.

    Lots of people seemed so sickly, maybe it was due to the JW lifestyle (it kept you run down). So many complained of chronic fatigue syndrome. I think the Society started that fad in the congregations when they published the WT or Awake article that discussed CFS.

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