What Were You Told That You Had To Work on By The Elders?

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  • mattnoel

    First of all it was do field service more and then it was attend more meetings, then when I got taken out by a "friend" on field service - Oh man was I excited a day with my friend............the only catch was it was going to be knocking on doors ! he produces a new form and says "whats the arrangement in your congregation with this ?" I reply "Dont know, have not been out in field service for a while" I get a nasty response "NO, I thought as much!!!"

    Then of course it gets worse and finally I get a - you need to change your whole life and your feelings etc etc !

  • topanga

    don't study the scriptures so much you will study yourself right out of the truth .

  • berylblue

    I think the question which begs asking is, "What did I NOT have to work on"?

    Hmmmm....loving my children. Before I was told about all my (perceived) flaws, I was always told, "It's obvious you love your daughters".
    Then I'd get hit with the meeting attendance, preparation ,study, attitude, lack of humility when being corrected, inability to accept love from the congregation (meaning correction), complaining (this was valide, I bitched all the time), lack of organization, ...you name it.


  • blondie

    I was told I spent too much time studying the Bible and not the publications.

    And of course, what all sisters are told to work on, their attitude and being submissive (translation: not kissing their butts fast enough and often enough).

    Blondie (a butt kicker not a kisser)

  • jaded

    Here's a good one. This happened to a friend who was reaching out for elder and wondering why he wasn't being appointed. Drum roll...Because he didn't tuck his shirt in at social gatherings! Friggin' idiots! Just cannot believe that I actually used to listen to all the crap that they spewed!

  • Skeptic
    goofy: sounds like us girls got talked to for the same reasons! We get to "bold" for the men-folk sometimes.

    jwbot, I feel sorry for the sisters. It was a crime for a sister to be intelligent. Especially if her husband was an idiot. God help them if they had an intelligent opinion. Richard

  • minimus

    I know of sisters that were counseled to try to act less smart than their husbands since he was the HEAD of the house. If a man had a wife that was smarter than him, the elders would often suggest to the wife to let him "think" that he was coming up with the ideas and that way the wife could still show her love and subjection to her mate.

  • mattnoel

    Its time for the Sisters to uprise and so Hell No the the dubs !

  • minimus

    My brother told me that his elders allow him to read at the Book Study but not the Watchtower. The reason? Since he is still somewhat disgruntled, and the Watchtower reading requires "teaching ability", he is not qualified to do this in front of the whole congregation......STUPID, HUH???

  • bikerchic

    I was told by an elder I should be loving towards the sister that had an affair with my X husband (we were married at that time). We attended the same hall. I told him when she personally ask me for forgiveness and showed signs of repentance ei; not dressing so slutty and drinking so much I would think about it.

    I told the same elder that the brothers were corrupt (they were/are) and he told me if I said that again I would be at a JC for apostacy. Hummmmm!!!!!

    Katie (who was a master of staying to myself and doing my own thing)

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