What Were You Told That You Had To Work on By The Elders?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    my attitude

    seems that I objected to be a submissive sister who did all she could but it was never enough


    I objected to being an abused wife

    bad old attitude yup that's me

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Be more submissive.

    Be more submissive.

    Be more submissive.

    I'm a slow learner Eventually I just said fuquit

  • jwbot

    wearing trendy clothes, long skirts with slits, skirts that showed my immoral knees, tight shirts, baggy shirts, my jewelery, I was told more than 2 earings in one ear is bad, anklets, violent video games, too much internet and computer time (er...I was studying comp. sci?), flirting, being depressed, be submissive!, I was too opinionated, I was too opinionated towards MEN, going to college, not getting baptised, dating "wordly" guys, holding hands with a girl friend of mine, hanging around guys too much, being too 'funny' and 'weird', I needed to "calm down", I needed to "trust in god" because I asked to many questions that never got answered, oh and so much more.

  • nowisee

    when i was young (teens) i was going through that adolescent confused phase and used to write poetry. sometimes i would show it to my closest friends at kh, one of whom happened to be an elder. he told me i was trying to bring attention to myself and take glory away from Jehovah. oh please.

  • DanTheMan

    Elders were always making me their pet project. "We could use you brother, if you'd just get your hours up to the national average!"

    There was a cheesy illustration from an old mag about how when you ride a bicycle, your momentum keeps you balanced, but the more you slow down, the harder it is to keep your balance, and if you stop then you fall over. That fine counsel from the slave was shared with me on more than one occasion.

    Dan, JW-flunky class

  • greven

    I was used as an example for the congregation in most things except hours in service. But never received much counsel on this...When having doubts and doing research is when the counsel started.

    When I started to ask questions the elders said I did my research in a 'wrong manner'.

    They never explained how exactly my manner was wrong, I guess they just didn't like what I dug up.

    It still makes me mad: window washing, cheese cracker men telling me, an undergraduate college student, that my research methods are flawed. The nerve!


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    ''Be less dramatic in your talks'"

    Then there was the one where I called a whore a whore, and got chewed for it...

    There was another where I portrayed magic in a positive light... I said my favourite story as a child had been ''The Magic Pudding" about a pud that kept growing back to full size after someone took a slice. The talk was about, umm.. Elijah I think? Anyway, some prophet who got stuck in a cave and his eaten food kept returning... seemed like a match in popular culture to the bible to me...

    But poor ole Phil couldn't cope, and gave me public council on it... :-)


  • dedalus

    "Don't read so much -- it's just a hobby, after all."


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    They always reckoned I should work on my apparent bad attitude - I didn't know I had a problem and I don't know what theirs happened to be.

    Bad attitude? Me? The bastards.

    Made it hard for cheeses to like them.

  • searchfothetruth

    I was working on new kingdom halls for the regional building commitee. I worked from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon, all over the country, for over 2 years, new hall every 2-4 weeks. (i'm a qualified joiner)

    Then the elders in the hall said that the only reason they weren't making me a Min. servant was that my hours weren't enough. When I pointed out that I worked on new halls for over 24 hours each weekend they said that this couldn't be counted as service.!

    Then when I was working on the halls we had to watch the local brothers come along on a Sunday afternoon in their working clothes as if they lifted a finger to help the whole weekend. The local brothers major contribution was usually to provide tea and accomodation, but you wouldn't believe some of the places I stayed in...but thats another story

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