What Were You Told That You Had To Work on By The Elders?

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  • ashitaka

    Ties. Ties. Wear more ties!!!!!

    Jackets, Jackets, wear more jackets!

    Turn down music while driving by Kingdom hall on days not there. (I then made it a habit to turn it up louder while passing the hall)

    Meeting attendance.

    Wearing sweaters to meetings in winter.

    Not smiling enough during talks.

    Defending myself from bad people.

    .....and so on.

  • xjw_b12

    Spend more time studying, and going out in field service and less time FORNICATING ! HAHAHAHAHA

  • gitasatsangha

    "Reach out for more opportunities in the congregation"

    "Hit the national average for six months and you'll be a ministerial servant"

    "Take direction from the elders regarding your children."

    "Don't take that girl out to the movies (between you and me she's going to be Publically Reproved next thursday, can't tell you what for)"

    "It's alright to have questions brother, but don't voice then openly. You could stumble someone."

    "You can't date my daughter"

    "I don't like the way you are looking at my daughter."

    "We will have to reprove you publically for interfaith. I hope that from now on you will draw closer to Jehovah"

    "You need to be a better influence on new ones."

    "Your attitude is very negative."

    "The Memorial is a solmen night, please try to act accordingly."

    "Your car only has two seats, and needs a muffler. You shouldn't take that car out in service" (But Brother Stickupthebutt, she'll do a quarter mile in 14.5!)

    "People perceive your attitude as very negative."

    "Brother you can't give any more talks till you shave the beard off."

    "Brother I don't know why, but the other elders asked me to talk to you about this. It's like their AFRAID of you.."

  • minimus

    Hey Gita, What were the elders afraid that you were going to do at the Memorial??? Get drunk or something???

  • gitasatsangha

    No, I was just happy, and was sharing a joke with someone. And chewing bubblegum.

  • minimus

    I remember an elder's meeting where one brother went on a rant to say that Brother So-and-so shouldn't be given any responsibilities because he chewed gum at the KH on a regular basis. I had gum in my mouth at the time. I usually did. I chewingly disagreed with him and told him to remove me too. Everyone just laughed and gave this guy some menial job, cleaning, I think, where he could wash the toilets and chew gum too.

  • goofy

    Boy, I could write a book on this one. Let's see I was materialistic, I was loud and not meek, I was to bold for a sister. I had worldly friends, dated at times in the world. Too much makeup, hair to blonde (rumor going around about the hair). This wasn't me but I knew of a young brother who was counseled for giving a talk wearing a Disney tie. Oh yeah, some of my dresses were not modest. My knees showed. (They should see the skirts I wear now!

  • jwbot

    goofy: sounds like us girls got talked to for the same reasons! We get to "bold" for the men-folk sometimes.

  • rebel

    I got more or less the same as the rest of you.

    Be more submissive, don't be so opinionated, be more submissive, do as you are told, be more submissive, don't EVER question the elders, be more submissive, remember the headship arrangement, be more submissive and hubby will be an elder one day.


  • goofy

    jwbot, yes, I think they wanted us to erase our personality and start all over again. I have found out though, that most people in the world appreciate my outgoingness (if that's a word lol) I talk a little much but I least I have and can show my personality now!

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