Memorial anyone?

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  • TresHappy

    NO ALSO. I'd use a bigger font to explain my true feelings, however 36 pt. is the biggest one...

  • wednesday

    I'm going with my husband. I'd rather eat a magot, but my husband pointed out we are going b/c we appreciate jesus life and death for us. I'm hoping eventually my husband will tire of this, but for now-i go. Since i just had surgery and i'm taking pain pills, it should be ok. I will be in a fog anyway.Oh, and i'm wearing a pantsuit. let them talk.(live in the bible belt and that is a real no no here)


  • sandy

    I am going too. Yesterday I told my boyfriend ( he hates all religion especially JWs) I am going tonight. He said I am weak and I shouldn't go just to please my hypocritical family. I know he is right but I am going anyways.

  • mattnoel

    Well I think we can safely say that Nordic and Treshappy arent going

    Whats the point, I left the borg, what am I gonna go back for when of their stupid get as many as possible meetings for ? I dont believe it, its all a load of crap, they treated me like s*it so why should I sit through them boring me to tears.................besides I think I am washing my hair !

    I will of course partake tommorow evening, I am sure I can have a beer for ol' times sake !

  • SpunkyChick

    HELL NO I WON'T GO! This is the first year I haven't gone in my entire life!! w00t!!! Last year I went to a new congregation with my mom and sister and the people were typical asswhipes. When my family and I sat down in the back, an elder came up to us and asked us to please move up front. I started to argue, but my mom encouraged me to go with the flow. Ug, the dreaded front row seats...and we'd gotten there in plenty of time to get decent seats too. I wore a nice pants-suit. That's probably why.

  • calamityjane


    Hey treshappy I think I beat you on the font. WAHAHAHAHA

  • lost_and_searching

    Unfortunately......Yes, I'm going. But only because of the pleasure it will give my mother and the smile it will put on my Dad's face. My three kids will go with me (even my college 22 year old 'cause he loves his Nana), but only because they support me (that way I have SOMEONE to look at and roll my eyes with. LOL) I do this once per year and only in respect for my parents. I swear, once they are gone.......I will never set foot in a KH again. But while they are alive......I will attempt in this small way to bring them some happiness. I still have no idea what the heck I am going to wear. (Remember, that used to be the BIG issue for women. LOL)

    So......I am sitting here sipping on my 2nd Vodka with Grapefruit Juice. It is 6:00 pm and it starts at 7:30 pm. I bet I can down at least one more drink to make myself more anesthetized for the occasion. LOL I sure wish I had the guts to "partake". Maybe something to look forward to for the future when Momma and Daddy are gone!!!

    ~Bobbi (getting up to pour myself that 3rd drink.....)

  • ikhandi

    NO didn't go. I am just not feeling it anymore. In fact I haven't been in the 4 years I have been out. I know people in my former hall still talk about me. Let them talk, for I am so over that too.

  • SloBoy


    First one I have not attended in 39 years. Have been to only one meeting in the last year and that was the sunday after the last memorial.

    I love Jesus and what he did, does, teaches, lives; however I don't like the misrepresentation that goes on down there at the Hall.

    Physically and emotionally I feel the whole experience in my body. I would have known today was the day even if they hadn't sent the invite.

    I am tired of them and have compassion for them. . . but NO, I WON'T GO. Not a stat for that!!

    Love Dragonfly5

    SloBoy's Spouse

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