Satisfied with your vehicle?

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  • Fe2O3Girl

    I love my VW Golf GT TDi 130PS PD 5dr.

    Fuel Consumption
    Urban 39.8mpg - 7.1l/100km

  • Bendrr

    Angharad....Peugeot? <<<<yeech!>>>> Don't take it personal, I'm just basing that on my professional experience. When one pulls in the parking lot at my shop (or a Renault or Saab, one of my few written-in-stone rules is that I don't work on Saab's) I clock out for lunch and stay gone until the car leaves.

    Rocketman, get rid of the Taurus. If it's experiencing overheating problems, get rid of it NOW! It will continue to hemmorage coolant from every conceivable location. A Taurus can be a great car, but once they start giving problems like leaking any important fluid that's it.

    My current vehicle is a daily-driver restoration-in-progress. I posted about it a few weeks ago. A '79 Camaro, coupe not Z-28. Hideous 70's green paint job that is spider-webbing and badly faded. Interior isn't much better, except that the dash and console aren't cracked so that's one good thing but they are this awful pea-soup green. I hate that color. Oh and it has house carpet. Orange house carpet. And the driver's seat frame is sagging to the right.

    But the engine is strong. A 305 right now but I'll be building a 350 soon. Only 98,000 miles and it doesn't smoke or use oil. Brand new transmission and judging by the way it shifts I'm thinking it has a mild shift kit. I've already put in some work. New cap and rotor, new plugs, Accel 8.8mm plug wires, Accel HEI Super-Coil, MSD ignition ready to hook up soon as I get the wiring harness, 160 degree thermostat, new radiator hoses, replaced the belt-driven fan with an electric fan, new shocks, new brakes (pads, shoes, wheel cylinders, and a master cylinder), and new tires. The front and rear springs are all old and sagging so over the next month I'll be putting on new springs: 1-1.5" drop coil springs in the front and 5-leaf springs in the rear, it has 4-leaf now and I want the proper Camaro stance with the rear raised up a little. Once I do that I can set the alignment, but trying to get the negative camber (.5 degree) and positive caster (.5 to 1 degree) is going to be a pain in the ass. On the bright side, since I do all the work myself I don't have to pay any labor and I also pay a lower price on parts.

    My all time favorite car was one I bought in '89. A 1978 Dodge Monaco with 32,000 miles. It got great mileage and cruised at 100. And the torsion bar front ends they used made for great handling. Wish I still had it. With what I know now, that car could probably top 200.


  • ThiChi


    The Austrian built Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer... what a vehicle!!! As far as real rigs go, this is the most impressive to me. Nothing else is built like it, or looks like it. Some people are paying $80,000 for a Hummer and are not getting the quality of design nor the HEAD TURNING APPEAL of the Pinzgauer.

    The first one came off the production line in Austria in 1971 and they are still being built to this day. The British, Swiss and Austrian militarys are just a few of the main users of these machines. Their unmatched off-road ability, small size with a large weight carrying capacity, and ease of manuvering make them the perfect troop and equipment carriers for the fighting forces.

    Other common uses are in the Fire and Search and Rescue services, as well serving in countless utilitarian services where a heavy duty, go anywhere vehicle is needed.

    Anyone from camp leaders, to science expedition teams and explorers can benefit from such a vehicle. For myself, recreational off-roading is incredible in this truck! Having super strength drivelines, more overall ground clearence than a Hummer and factory differential lockers on both ends (meaning true 4 wheel drive), makes it perfect for something like that. :-)

  • Englishman

    Her Ladyship has a Nissan Primera:

    I have a mobile shed:

    ..As for this stick shift stuff, all UK cars (almost) have a gear lever and 3 pedals.


  • JH

    Like I said yesterday, my father bought a Honda Civic yesterday, and today I bought a Toyota Camry SE 2003.

    What a great feeling when you step out the garage and the car is all payed for!

  • Sentinel

    We have a '98 Saturn SL and a 2000 Saturn LS. Good, reliable, fuel efficient and maintenance free, except for routine oil changes.

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