UK JWs Commit Suicide

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  • ballistic

    I can't believe it, if anone wants to post messages I can email the older daughter with our sympathy - she is no longer a witness.

  • ballistic

    I no-doubt would have heard about this tomorrow, but how shocking to read it on here. I have never read anything on here about people I know before.

  • Matty

    Of course. It was a shock for us that didn't even know them - goodness knows how you must be feeling right now; please please pass on my condolences.

  • qadreena

    I also know someone who comited suicide

    She was also irregular at meetings and actually missed a meeting to take her life

    The funeral was held at the local crematorium, not the kingdom hall, I was very young and have never pursued the reason why

  • blondie

    I'm sorry, ballistic. This is the first time that someone who posts here knew the persons involved. It was a shocking and sad event whether they were JWs or not. Please send my condolences to the family and not to blame themselves.


  • qadreena

    oops forgot

    I am in the UK

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    There is no one who could have solved the problems those people were experiencing - no prayer group, no imaginary supernatural being.

    I used to be suicidal and seriously thought about it for some time. My point:

    Do you choose to face your fears, and the problems associated with them, or give up?

    was a general one and I stand by it. I came out of my depression realizing that human life is a very precious thing and should not be thrown away lightly. I still believe that. I also came to realize that depression magnifies the problem. I saw that most recently with my father in law who committed suicide. He was terribly worried about money. He did not think he had enough to take care of his wife, who is in a nursing home. He was afraid and anxious. Now 2 months after his suicide those problems which he thought to be huge and insurmountable are in reality non-existant. Nina and I are arranging Medicaid for Katherine. Bill thought he would owe thousands in taxes this year and it turns out he would have gotten back $3700. There was no good reason for him to take his own life. He just gave up.

    Having said that, I also recognize the dire situation these two people found themselves in. They were in failing health and knowing how cruel Witnesses can be, I can only imagine how brutally they had been treated. But I cannot agree with the concept of euthanasia, except in cases of terminal illness. The article clearly demonstrated that was not the case here. They were undoubtedly suffering from a form of depression, in addition to the other physical problems. I cannot help but feel that might have clouded their judgment.

    Again in no way am I trying to minimize their plight. But realize I also added

    But it's all about choices, isn't it?

    They chose death. I was lamenting that fact then. I still am now. That's all.

  • cruzanheart

    Ballistic, here's a message for their daughter:

    I don't know you personally, but I know your pain. My father committed suicide two months ago, with no one to help him ease his way out of his pain except a jug of wine, a bottle of pills, and a gun. I miss him very much. I know you will miss your parents and grieve for their untimely deaths. The comfort I have about my dad is that he is at peace now -- whether in heaven or asleep in the grave, he is at peace, and that's what he wanted. You will feel the most incredible confusion of emotions: love mixed with anger, sadness, loneliness, confusion. I heartily encourage you to join a support group, if there is one in your area. I take my children to one twice a month, and it really does help to talk with people who have experienced the same thing you have. E-mail me, if you like -- I'd love to talk to you. See a therapist. DO NOT LET THE WITNESSES TALK YOU INTO GOING BACK TO THE KINGDOM HALL. I don't know your parents' circumstances, but the Witnesses in my area were largely responsible for the feelings of loneliness and unworthiness that led my dad to kill himself. Under the guise of "comfort" they may make you feel even worse than you do now. Talk to God yourself. Get angry at Him if you need to -- he can handle it. He understands. I send you a lot of hugs and love.


  • Joyzabel


    I'm so sorry you had to find out about them in this manner. Please give our condolences to their daughter.

    I can still remember the night a kind sister @ the KH gave my hubby newpaper clippings. We were so busy we hadn't heard the national news and there was an article about hubby's best friend at Bethel, who lived many states away, that had been bludgeoned to dealth by his skin-head sons. The sons not only killed him but their mother and their younger brother, too. It was such a shock and one that took many years to get over.


  • Joyzabel

    sorry, didn't mean to post twice.

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