UK JWs Commit Suicide

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  • teenyuck

    This is so sad...I had no idea this existed....

    All I can comment on; Regarding epilepsy...I have it. When I have seizures I feel like I was hit by a truck...for days afterward. Mine are more or less controlled by meds. I have a seizure every 3-6 months. I am out of commission for a few days after. I had one about 2 weeks ago. I bit my tongue so bad I could not talk. (good thing depending who you ask)

    If this poor man had surgery to try to control the seizures, and it *went bad*, that is worse. When someone undergoes surgery for this, it is because meds do not work...with every seizure brings more brain damage (which could explain lots of things for me) and more pain.

    I would never judge someone who committed suicide. I think someone who is doing willing to take their life has no hope.

  • riz

    I absolutely agree with you, Nathan Natas. I find it very sad that their children have to go through the aftermath and live with not being able to say a final goodbye.

    I can only imagine how unbearable their lives must have been like for them to do this without even giving a clue to their family. My heart goes out to their loved ones.

  • Joker10

    the article doesm't say they were active W's.

  • blondie

    That's true, joker10. But then if you don't go to meetings or out in field service any more, you are an inactive JW but still considered a member subject to all the rules and regulations that a more active JW is, such as no fornication or smoking. An inactive member found doing those things will be DF'd just like the more active JW (with a few exceptions depending on the elder body). I am not suggesting that I think these poor people should be punished for their sad choice.


  • hillary_step


    Unless we are ourselves trapped in a hopeless spiral of disability, pain and with the knowledge that our physical lives will only get worse, then we can only guess at the misery these two persons were facing. I would only hope that I would have their courage were I in a similar position; there after all worse things in life than death. Being tortured to death by ones own body being one of them.

    Both my wife and I are firm believers in voluntary euthanasia and have both agreed to end our own lives if we were ever caught in similar circumstances to these poor people.

    As to the religious aspect, If it were not for modern medicines, pain-killers and such, many of us would die screaming and we must assume that pain-killers were not in Gods overall plan. If he expects me to die a withered, pain-riddled resemblance of the man I was, then he/she is not welcome to tea. I hope to go on my own terms, listening to some very good music and stroking a very plump cat.


  • BluesBrother

    How sad for this couple who were not so very old and evidently had family to mourn their passing.

    I must admit to a certain sympathy with euthanasia in really extreme cases where there is no viable hope of any other relief. This case reads as though it was allowed to happen quickly and with no real time for second thoughts . The clinic must make a lot of money out of these tragic people.. Thats why I have concern with Nathan Natras comment - this just seemed rushed.

    Gopher. I am reminded of a case that I heard of some years ago, where a mentally disturbed young man in the cong. took his own life. The body of elders determined that they should not conduct a funeral even though his family were integral members and he had been raised in their midst. Another elder with a more practical approach and a loving attitude offered to do his funeral . He took a lot of stick for it but continued to do it . I like to think that if elders had known of their desperation they would have at least tried to help rather than condemnatry , before the event at least.

    Teenyuck. I am so sorry of hear of your recent seizure, and resultant problems. You were so helpful and encouraging to me when I posted in despair after my last one. None since ..(Crossing fingers - which is hard to do when you are typing) As my doctor said "Epilepsy's a b*********r is'nt it"


  • blondie

    Unfortunately, HS, I don't know if these people were really terminal.

    The Stokeses, who had practised as Jehovah's Witnesses sporadically throughout their lives, suffered from a variety of illnesses none of which were necessarily terminal.

    Mr Stokes suffered from epilepsy, and had not been able to continue his career as a carpenter since an operation on his brain in Australia went wrong. His wife had diabetes, which had recently got worse, and serious back pain after slipping on moss while visiting a friend in hospital.

    Their deaths are being investigated by Zurich district attorney Edwin Luscher.

    He said: "We know they were terminally ill and both were wheelchair users. The person is first examined by a doctor, who demands to see GP notes confirming he or she is terminally ill.

    Supposedly, their doctor signed to say these people were terminal. I hope they really were and not just depressed. I have put in my healthcare proxy not to resuscitate me if the quality of my life would be poor and not to keep me on machines.


  • hillary_step

    Hello Blondie,

    A decision to terminate my own life would depend not on the basis of a terminal illness but on the basis of quality of life, as I suspect was also the reason this couple made a decision. I apologize if I gave reason to believe that I would not agree with voluntary euthansia outside of a terminal illness.

    Best regards - HS

  • ballistic

    OMG, I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. I knew these people well. I know them well, and have recently been in contact with the daughter. I only hope it is not true.

  • Matty

    You knew them? Oh, how awful, I'm so sorry - I'm afraid it is true. (((ballistic)))

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