What Most Needs to be Changed

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    Then you go to meeting or assembly and all they do is kick you in the teeth and tell you to do MORE!!! I mean come on, if they were coaches for a sports team their whole team would have quit on them a long time ago.

    That was excellent.

    Instead of calling themselves the "EZEKIEL CLASS" or the "JEREMIAH CLASS" - I think they should be called "THE BOBBY KNIGHT CLASS"!!!



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    I think you ought to seriously re-think what you're saying. I for one am certainly not lukewarm. Some of us have probably done far more in legitimate ways to hinder the WT Society's progress than you ever imagined doing personally.

    We draw the line when someone suggests that we ought to resort to violence. It taints this forum and those who participate in it when you recommend that the Society be bombed or done away with by any other strongly hostile methods. At a time like this, when there is a worldwide campaign to thwart terrorism, . poWhy don't you do the decent thing and edit your st? If you are as concerned about love and fairness as you claim you are, I think you will make the right decision for the sake of the rest of us who don't share your extreme view.

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    legitimate ways to hinder the WT Society's . Bad elder. you

    We draw the line when someone suggests that we ought to resort to violence Who's we?

    Why don't you do the decent thing and edit your st?

    Who are you to decide what's decent? Is it decent for the WT to keep on deceiving with their weapons of mass-destruction. You want to handle them softly. They won't respond to you.

    Irak was seized because of the weapons of mass-destruction. The WT weapons are just as dangerous for this world if not more dangerous. If the WT doesn't want to quit creating these weapons of mass-destruction freely and out of their own free will, then they will have to face the music; whether by force or any other way. The time for reckoning has come and it's only a matter of time before it happens, and it will happen.

    But there are always these figures that think the WT is just gonna go away if we look the other way. Just by hindering their work will not make it go away.

    Anybody who stays JW knowing what this religion in reality stands for is as responsible as the leaders.

    Away with the WT. That's not an extreme view. It's a wish.

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    You've convinced me that I'd rather have a JW living next door than have you in the same town where I live. There's no telling when you might blow your stack and come bombing up the place. At least the JWs generally use only words as their weapons. I can handle that, but we need the police or even the army to handle persons such as you who are set on violence as the solution to problems.

    Even if the JWs were gone, human nature would see to it that another religion just as false would soon rise to take its place. Communism still has its grip on many people, even though it was defeated for the most part. So does Naziism. Get rid of the JW organization, and many people will still hold on to their beliefs. Look at how many ex-JWs still believe as JWs do, even holding on to the belief that God has an organization!

    Your whole premise is too simplistic and lacks any real deep thought. It's living in a dream world where you really don't understand what people are made of. I really believe you don't understand why you yourself are acting the way you are. You believe this would be a better world if JWs were gone. The majority of people know better. We know for a certainty that the world would be a whole lot better if there were far less people whose minds and hearts are DETERMINED TO CAUSE PHYSICAL VIOLENCE to other human beings. With your viewpoint and attitude, you will NEVER convince your daughters that your way is superior to the JWs, even if -- and especially if -- you did succeed in wiping out their organization worldwide.

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    Andy ``we draw the line, etc.'' That ``we'' refers to fj and me at the very least. FJ, right on!

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    I would also have to say selfishly...disfellowshipping!

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    Well. Have a nice Wine and Cracker party.

    If it was up to you guys the WT will have many more. Congratulations.

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