What Most Needs to be Changed

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  • Robdar

    Is it not true that non of the above teachings would be so binding or harmful if JW's felt they had a right to decide for themselves how to apply Bible principles without serious consequences for not conforming to the GB (God Bonafide) teaching?

    What amazes me is that JWs let the GB tell them what to do. They allow themselves to be manipulated. I guess it beats thinking for themselves or taking responsibility for their actions.

  • rocketman

    It could be said, as already mentioned, that yes, the FDS's claim to speak for God provides the basis for their other teachings.

  • minimus

    If you stop believing in "the faithful & discreet slave class", you are no longer a believing Jehovah's Witness. Once a person realizes the lie of the "slave", it's all over. Once a person see the need to read and study the Bible without the Society's intervention, every simple Bible truth becomes manifest.The result is that the foundation of Jehovah's Witnesses is demolished.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Hi Jst2laws,

    You are "right on." As AF has demonstrated many times on this board, "the central doctrine of JWs is that the GB speaks for God." All other JW doctrines flow from there.


  • Farkel


    You already know the answer to your own question: if the Matt 25:45 doctrine falls, the WTS falls with it.

    That is the ONE doctrine that they don't dare change. All the rest are negotiable. Without absolute and non-negotiable authority, the WTS is just a paper tiger with goofy ideas. WITH absolute and non-negotiable authority, they are Saddam Hussein looking for their own Country. They hope to find that Country when God kills all their enemies real soon now(tm).


  • avengers

    What most needs to be changed ????????????

    Only one change is necesary! Gone and away with it, never to exist again to influence and indoctrinate to have power over the people.

    The only good thing for religions like this, like the Taliban and Saddam, Hitler, etc. , (you get my drift) is to go in and destroy it.

    So all you "apostates" out-there keep up the good work to reveal the true nature of this bizarre cult. Show people their lies, their cover-ups,
    their dishonesty (which in the past pissed me off the most) Destroy this religion!! ASAP !! Please.


    Answer this question.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Avengers,

    I know you have good reason to be angry at the Borg, just like many of us, but I wonder if you could stop and think what you're actually advocating?

    Not only that, but there are some of us who had family members closely affected by that terrible act on September 11?

    Maybe a little insensitive?

    Thanks, my posting friend.

    Cheers, Ozzie.

  • fjtoth

    I agree with Ozzie. I don't think any JW ought to be viewed as a Hitler, Saddam or Taliban. I was one once, in my ignorance. But I never entertained in my mind the beastly cruelty toward others that those evil men practiced on people. I never met another JW who did either. I think we need to try more to view things as Jesus did when he said "they know not what they are doing." And in the case of those Jesus had in mind, they in their ignorance were actually intent on committing murder, something that comparatively very few JWs have deliberately set out to do.

  • avengers

    I never said that any of the JW, so called R & F should be seen as a Saddam or a Hitler. I'm saying the leaders of the WT Society use the same tactics as them and therefore we should exercise the same caution as we would to terrorists and dictators. The leaders of the Watchtower are dictators and mental terrorists.
    There is in the future no place for the Watchtower, nor for the Taliban or any religion that oppresses and deceives.
    The leaders of the Watchtower are aware of the deception. Rather than repenting they continue theit deceit.
    Sure there are "great" JW's. My daughters are. Aren't they kept in the darkness and gloom of the depressing places of the WT???

    The world is better off without the Watchtower. They keep progress back. Like the Catholics kept people in the dark ages.
    The WT does comparable.

    Gone with the Watchtower. Free the people.

    What are you guys? a little lukewarm. The Watchtower has to go, not stay in some mutated state, so that the GB can do their work anyway and keep enforcing all the garbage I and so many of you kept all these years.

    No. I think the target was missed.

    I agree that 911 has an impact on us. Don't let this stop us though from seeing what the WT really is. The idea to have the WT alongside of me while on the road of freedom and development just does not turn me on at all. The WT has to go.You may be right to think I'm insensitive. Lots of times though there is no other way. The WT teachings are destructive to the minds of adults, but more important, to the children. So what to do? In the past there was no forum. No place to share your thoughts. The WT profited from that. Now I can share my thoughts and I will.

    I get the feeling lately that there's some kind of push in sort of reforming the JW system and kind of make it a mainstream religion. When I "joined up" I did it for the Truth, Justice, Righteousness, and Love. I was assured this religion was the Truth, unquestionably! I found through the years this is the most dishonest religion that exists on this planet. Away with dishonesty! Away with the Watchtower!

    The world.
    After the WT.


  • fjtoth


    I think you ought to seriously re-think what you're saying. I for one am certainly not lukewarm. Some of us have probably done far more in legitimate ways to hinder the WT Society's progress than you ever imagined doing personally.

    We draw the line when someone suggests that we ought to resort to violence. It taints this forum and those who participate in it when you recommend that the Society be bombed or done away with by any other strongly hostile methods. At a time like this, when there is a worldwide campaign to thwart terrorism, you've put all of us in a bad light. Why don't you do the decent thing and edit your post? If you are as concerned about love and fairness as you claim you are, I think you will make the right decision for the sake of the rest of us who don't share your extreme view.

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