Can you eat blood now?

by Brummie 48 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Vivamus
    Could you eat it? with a clear conscience?

    I could eat it with a clear conscience, no probem... But YUK! I totally dislike the taste of it, and so I won't. But it's not my conscience bugging me, it's my palet.

  • bebu

    I've had live shrimp, too. In Japan. There, it's called "odori", which means, "dance"...

    It tasted better than the other shrimp I ate, however: huge prawns, still in their shells, with all their legs. When my host tried to encourage me to eat the HEADS of these monsters, I finally choked.

    I wouldn't touch blood pudding, or head cheese, or anything that I KNOW has got head gear in it. You can't find blood sausage/pudding so easily (for good reason!) in most of the States.

    But I can eat a steak veeerrrry rare.


  • free will
    free will

    i agree with outnfree!

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    OK, I'm completely confused by all this. What difference does cooking a steak rare or well have to do with eating blood? When you cook it more, you just coagulate the blood so it doesn't run out. You aren't making it disappear. Therefore if you eat a well done steak, you would actually be getting more blood, just cooked blood.

    If you want meat with as little blood as possible, you have to get it from a Muslim or Jewish butcher.

  • Kjell Hedblom
    Kjell Hedblom

    No! I still cant eat blood.Don´t no way! It just don´t feel fore it.

  • Soledad

    I salt all meats prior to cooking......

  • Xena

    Well considering I have been known to snack on raw meat..and want my steak to "MOO" when I cut into it..I probably wouldn't have much of a problem

    I gave blood a few months ago...I enjoy watching the blood flowing thru the tube

    Xena of the Vampire Class

  • Brummie

    Man I went away and forgot all about this thread.

    I've had live shrimp, too. In Japan

    unimaginable! Do you chew it between your teeth or just swollow the damned thing?

    I have been known to snack on raw meat..and want my steak to "MOO"

    lol, I'm getting a vision of you trying to swollow a live cow the same as they swollow live shrimp.


  • aunthill

    I donated blood on a regular basis, until I realized I was constantly wiped-out. Now I am on the list for emergency situations only. I could take a blood transfusion, but to eat any of those "tasty" delicacies - I don't think so! The gag reflex comes into play here, too.


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