Can you eat blood now?

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  • Brummie

    Interesting post Francios

    If you ate the blood, you were eating the portion that was reserved for the diety. How tribal.

    I thought Scripture was simply saying that the life is in the blood, and to pour the blood out meant not to eat the animal while it was still alive as some had the custom to do. I wouldnt interpret the Scriptural meaning to be that God wants the blood saving for him. Just that he requested that the animal was drained of any life before being eaten.

    Interesting, I'll have to look into it again


  • jwsons

    Nop. Definitely Not for me !


  • cruzanheart

    I love sushi and rare steak, but I do prefer to have my food dead when brought to the table. I would've passed on the shrimp, thank you. And I've never tasted a blood sausage or pudding; the "ick" factor is still pretty high.


  • Brummie
    I love sushi and rare steak

    Cant bring myself to eat either. I lurrv streak but it has to be well done to a crisp. I recently went on a meal and ordered steak, when it came I lifted it up off the plate and blood just oozed out of it...ugh, I took it back and had chicken instead.



    I don't touch the stuff.

    I am pretty much vegetarian anyways.

    My father used to eat that stuff, but then again, he didn't eat the nicest things, and well 'he's long gone to the Yukon' now (dead).

  • Englishman


    I enjoy black pudding - fried of course, not raw like in the pic - but I'm the only ex that I know of that will eat it.

    Maybe we should both wander down the High Street and meet for brekky in Littlewoods one day? They do great fried black pud!



    Don`t eat blood,won`t eat blood..But I won`t turn down a medium rare steak.....OUTLAW

  • freedom96

    I would get a blood transfusion in a second, if I needed one.

    As far as eating blood, just have no desire to do so. Blood sausage, sounds gross to me. I will stick to a nice medium rare steak thank you very much.

  • simplesally

    Blood transfusion, yes, eat it, no.

    I tried "chocolate pudding" ......... I was with a Filippino co-worker about 15 years ago, pre-Dubdum. It was a cooked blood sauce that you put on top of food. Teeny taste, didn't want to eat it. Too gross in my mind and I was a Catholic then. Now, I would still not eat it but because of my belief (personal opinion here, Francois) in the Bible.

    I loved someone's post about how eating it only gives the temporary nourishment, it is consumed and gone whereas a blood transfusion didn't treat the blood as valueless but as something that was going to help a person survive on an ongoing basis.

  • Elsewhere

    So long as it won't make me sick, I'll eat anything that is tasty.

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