Can you eat blood now?

by Brummie 48 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Matty

    Tammy, you're gonna start a new wave of paranoia amongst JWs. While I was growing up I was told that they put blood in meringues, Lyon's cakes and Walls ice cream!

  • Brummie
    I gulped the "drunken shrimp" (live shrimp swimming in chili sauce) down with a glass of beer;

    You gots to be kidding? jeeps, pigs blood sounds harmless compared!

    lol @ tammy & Matty on the M&Ms and Walls ice cream, blood in or not I'd eat em all.

    BT I only tried haggis once about 8 years ago on new years eve...puke, can we say VILE!


  • mustang

    Nope, I'm not kidding; but I only did one. It was crunchy; shells you know. And, honest to God, one of the shrimp JUMPED out of the bowl and into the plate of the kid sitting beside me!!!

    Chinese hosts seem to take great pride in a combination of one-upmanship and running a "gross-out" contest. From here on out, I'll take my "culinary career" on the quiet side, thanks.

    And I'm not going to another Chinese Christmas party without a DUCK CALL!!!!!


    Survivor Class

  • digderidoo

    I cannot bring myself to eat black pudding....but i would like to try game though. Never tried rabbit or pheasant, but i hear it tastes good.


  • Swan


    That reminds me of that dinner scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! That was hilarious.

    I like to think I'm game enough to try anything once, but some of those morsels described make me wonder if I really would.


  • goofy

    The Bible does say abstain from blood. And do not eat blood. Besides that it is just horrible to think about yuck!

  • Carmel

    Well my holy book says all things were put here for many to enjoy until they come between us and Him with the exception of halucinatory drugs and alcohol.

    Bring on the bratwurst!


  • Brummie
    It was crunchy; shells you know. And, honest to God, one of the shrimp JUMPED out of the bowl and into the plate of the kid sitting beside me!!!

    bawwwwl, that is too funny! But also gross.

    digderidoo I dont eat pheasant or rabbit, I hear rabbit tastes like chicken but with loads a bones.

    Goofy I saw that in the Bible and it applies to animal blood, thats probably why I have a problem with it, though we are not under that law now.

    with the exception of halucinatory drugs

    Drat! I never saw those mentioned in any holy book.


  • Francois

    Remember that blood was verboten because of the "fact" that the "soul" was in the blood and the soul belonged to God. If you ate the blood, you were eating the portion that was reserved for the diety. How tribal. How savage. How ignorant. How stupid. The soul is in the blood my a$$.

    And I supposed that now, the GB in all its wisdom and medical and spiritual knowledge knows just what blood fraction contains the "soul" and that's the part that can't be transfused?

    I say the entire blood issue is an artifact of the savage times of the semitic peoples who did indeed engage in human sacrifice. I believe that the entire blood issue was an attempt by Moses to put an end to the practice of human sacrifice.

    The whole blood issue is just too damned stupid and transparent to even engage in debate about; religious practices of a tribal people five thousand years ago - who gives a shit? Only the JWs who are famous for getting everything wrong.


  • outnfree

    Well, I, for one, have tried boudin/blutwurst and/or whatever they call blood sausage in Spain, and I say YUK!

    But medium rare steak, no problem!


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