Brothers/Sisters you disliked

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  • JH

    Even if everybody calls themselves brothers and sisers in the congregation, were there some in your congregation that you just couldn't stand?

  • teenyuck

    There was a sister who always sat in the front row. She raised her hand for every question. Ended up her son and her two daughters went to Brazil to be missionaries. Since they had to support themselves, he came up with the idea of selling frozen yogurt to the natives.

    My mom called last weekend to tell me that she saw the son at the assembly (hers was last weekend) and he looked like crap. Years of living in the jungle, eating frozen yogurt had not been good. He is about 45 now and looks 60 according to my mother. (He was the only cute guy in the KH when I was growing up)

    I somehow got a perverse satisfaction out of that. The mother had become a local pioneer at about the same time. She is still zealous and pioneering. She was very self-righteous and full of herself because her 3 children were pioneers.

    I really did detest her.

  • shera

    It takes a lot for me to dislike anyone.There was one sister,who was so annoying,couldn't think for yourself,had to think like her and she drove her 2 daughters to the other side Canada,for they could have peace.

  • TresHappy

    There were many people I liked and only disliked a few. The one I remember is a pioneer named Linda. She went our congregation in the Dallas area. She thought she knew everything about the Bible. She was the poster child for "Pioneer Sister." I studied with her for a while. I remember her berating people who went to college and if you married outside the "truth" - you might as well have been shot at dawn. I remember her reducing me to tears a few times after service, the women in the car group would gang up on me. It was pure cultdom at its worst. She had so many of us sisters in knots that they finally attempted to talk to her. I heard then she told the elders she knew more than they did. I hear from the grapevine she's still pioneering and has become "really nice." Don't know what that means!


    I disliked the ones who didn`t know how to mind their own business..Didn`t like the length of a persons hair..Clothes that were too fashionable..Didn`t like certain music..Self rightous hypocrates beating the crap out of their kids in the bathroom..The list go`s on and on...OUTLAW

  • sandy

    There were few people I disliked as well. but the one I didn't like were weel deserving of not beink liked.

    Mr. Know-It-All (Young) Elder

    Ms Know-It-All Elderly (Wannabe Elder) Sister

    That is all I can think of at the moment.

  • Dansk

    It would be easier to ask who I liked! Since we left we've not had a single 'phone call or visit, apart from two men in black asking if they could have my set of KH keys back. I guess that just about says it all!

  • sandy

    I just remembered another one.

    Mrs. Loud-Mouth-Gossipping-Alcoholic Sister

    She would talk about everyone all the time inside/out of the KH. Then greet them with the biggest warmest smile right when they walked in the KH.

    How could I forget her?

  • rocketman

    I get along well with people easily, but there were a few that might have rubbed me the wrong way at times. There's one sister who thought her son was going to be a future CO (he's long gone troof-wise now) and who told my wife she should not associate with her non-jw family.

  • Latte

    I don't recall having too many feelings of dislike, yet, now when I think back (having taken off the Rose coloured glasses) there are few that deserved the admiration I had for them.

    Self rightous hypocrates beating the crap out of their kids in the bathroom..The list go`s on and on

    Several come to mind on this topic. I really felt for the kids that were bashed so much....just wasn't right.

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