Brothers/Sisters you disliked

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  • JH

    Sorry to hear this about your job Micheal. The love in the org. is conditional as you can see.

  • digderidoo

    There was never anyone i could say i disliked. There were some who i got on with better than others. There were definately cliques, its only human nature that you hang about with people you get on with.

    I find it amazing though that in the org you are obliged to carry on an association with someone who you may not get on that well with. You are told to love everyone.

    This post reminds me of a sister (presiding overseers wife...brought up in the 'truth', but a bit of a rebel), who asked my mom(came into 'truth' at about 35yrs old) that when she was in the world if you didn't get along with someone would you still make an effort to be their friend. It was weird how she couldn't comprehend the idea of not associating with a person for the simple fact that you didn't like them.


  • DanTheMan

    I had a JW roommate for a year that was a total ass.

    There also was a bro who was a millionaire, he was very obnoxious, and strange sometimes. One time at a congo picnic we were playing volleyball. He was on my team. A ball came our way. We both jumped up for it, and he totally pressed his d!ck up against me while we were in the air. Ugh it was so f*cking nasty, he was so blatant about it (if you knew this bro you would believe what I'm telling you). I still shudder when I think about that. He is at the top of my list.

  • NaruNaruChan

    Yes, Janet Ardis... anybody in the Wysocki bloodline was evil and a bastard.

  • SpunkyChick

    Where do I begin? My life as a JW encompassed many, many people I disliked, in fact despised so much, they deserved to have an ice pick shoved under their toenails. The brothers and sisters were so unkind and cruel, they are among the top reasons I left the org....

    The most memorable moments:

    When I was 8, at an assembly, my family and I marked our seats with our jackets, bibles, songbooks and went to get breakfast (*note there was nothing on the seats when we arrived). Upon returning to our seats, we find a family (who was in our congregation) sitting in our seats! They'd taken our items and balled them up and dropped them into a pile on the side of the aisle! We asked em' what was up with that, and the father claimed the entire row of seats were marked by his bookbag, which had been set at the end of the row! How kind and Christian of them...

    At the time, my father was not yet baptized and allowed my brother to play hockey. My mother was lectured by another elder about him playing the sport. When we went to see my brother play we discovered Joe Gualiardo in the Barrington, Illinois congregation had his son enrolled into hockey as well! HYPOCRITE # 2, 812

    Head elder Bob Dorney in the Evergreen, Colorado congregation was an engineer for Lockheed Martin, a bomb manufacturing plant! HYPOCRITE # 2, 813

    My mother being screamed at by Debbie Davis (a royal psychotic mess) in Punta Gorda, Florida congregation in field service because my mom stopped at the garage sale of one of her return visits (please note, my mother was driving and this psychotic was screaming and yelling so loud other sisters in the car put their hands over their ears and put their head down and asked to be returned to the Kingdom Hall)....Then my mother was told to forgive her, that she had had a nervous breakdown and encouraged us to continue and attend the bookstudy at her house!!!!!

    Couples in congregations who tried to tried to give my parents, parenting advice, when they, themselves didn't have any children.

    So called, "anointed" Sue Meyer (Evergreen, Colorado congregation...she claimed she walked out of the baptisim and was "annointed") giving dirty looks and gossiping about me and the clothes I'd wear, and my brother's haircuts (when Sue had a pregnant, unmarried, 16 year old daughter). She was quite an Evil woman.

    The cruel JW boys told my brother they were happy he was moving (my brother was a quiet, shy, boy) in the Punta Gorda, Florida congregation.

    Because my father wasn't pioneering and elder told him he should be taking the regular pioneers out to lunch weekly.

    A pompous visiting brother from Bethel came over to our house for lunch, and when my mom served him his drink, he pushed it back at her and said, "Loose the ice!" The scariest issue was in the Evergreen Colorado congregation. The elders knew of a study who was working towards baptism, who had full blown AIDS. He was living with his boyfriend who was also dying of AIDS. It would have been a nice precaution and loving thing for the elders to alert the sisters who were cleaning his home while he was in the hospital (please note his AIDS had advanced to the point of oozing blood from his pores, we noticed this while he was over at our home for dinner. We asked him if he'd cut himself, then he informed us about his medical condition)! The elders only told their wives and children; once again not protecting the flock. Blind guides.

    I could go on and on and on....

  • Bendrr

    Say it with me Francois, C.B. MITCHELL!!!!! I only had one run-in with him but that was enough.

    (btw, in case anyone forgot....HE'S STILL DEAD!!!)

    All from Perry, Georgia unless otherwise noted.

    Dan Mason. Sawed-off backstabbing little twerp. His nickname was "the enforcer". Liked to target elders' kids and go after them mercilessly. When he moved to our congregation I became his main target. 5 years of gossip and unofficial accusations. Actually the accusations weren't really accusations because I wasn't doing anything wrong at the time. It was more like "he's leading a double life. I don't know what he's doing but he's doing something", his exact words. After years of throwing his fellow elders under the bus he's finally acheived his lifelong dream and is now Presiding Overseer. I bet secretly he wishes they'd paint his name on the Hall's sign.

    James Kelley, now Atlanta (I think). Pompous self-righteous effiminate prick. Heard something questionable about him recently, if anybody around Atlanta wants [needs] to know email me.

    The Ross Family. I kinda liked the dad, he had his moments sometimes, but could be a dick too. He was the only elder when we moved to that cong "to help out". The mom was a total bitch who thought she was an elder. The son was and probably still is a total fat loser momma's boy.

    Come to think of it, I didn't like most of the folks there.

    Berno Pettersson. Liked/didn't like. I think one or two here knew Berno and they can tell you that he's an odd man. Berno did have his moments when everyone just wanted to strangle him but hey we all have those. Once you got past all that he actually could be a pretty cool guy. I bet as intelligent as he is he's probably been here at least a few times.


  • qadreena

    There was a 'perfect' family in my congregation, they could never do a thing wrong, not even the kids

    Think the lad was the same age as me

    So when all us teens are out doing the usual smoking round the corner bit and all the sisters and brothers knew what was going on, they werent stupid. Were suspicious of all of us I reckon (and rightly so, always got to keep an eye on the rebellious teenagers right?) but not this young brother though. Oh nooo, he was the perfect one

    Well, he used to hang around with us and we saw what he got up to alright, probably more than we did as well. I think I dislike his parents most of all for thinking that he would never do anything wrong, even though he is a teenager just like all of us

    Thing that got me though, he never told his parents he hung around with us so we ended up disliking him quite a bit for that, he always told his parents that he had decided to up his hours in the field service. Now what parent in their right mind would beleive that from a 15 year old? Not me

  • Francois

    Bendrr, you have said it aright. C.B. Mitchell was a bastard among bastards. The highlight of my entire ministry was getting his self-righteous ass removed as an elder - single-handed, too.

    My only regret is that C.B. only had one life through which I could harass his worthless ass for fun and games.

    And you're right, buddy, C.B. MITCHELL IS STILL DEAD. They say you're only to speak good of the dead. He's dead. Good.


  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Steve Avery. Southeast NE. What a jerk. He was our PO for way to many years. The other elders were scared sh*tless of him (you know how word gets around about things...I can't count the times I heard about people going to the other elders about some crappy thing he pulled, to be told "just wait on Jehovah"...over something an elder did!!). His wife was afraid of her own shadow and if she was ever not at a meeting, and a sister said something like, "Oh, I hope Millie isn't ill? Is there something I can do to help?" He'd counsel you for gossip (no shit!!). I truly believe he was a wife abuser. He was way more mysogynistic than the average mysogynist JW male.

    He got removed as elder, but something really fishy happened. The CO came by for a visit, and all of a sudden the Avery's were transferring to a different hall. They didn't move out of our territory, (which was wayy out in the rurals) they just started attending another hall. This was something that we'd always been told was a HUGE no-no (a few cong members lived on the edge of the territory and had been told they were not allowed to drive to a hall that was actually closer - to put it in perspective, we were 40 miles from the hall and we weren't the farthest out). And they were a bigger hall and had more elders than we did, so it wasn't because they needed the help. He was made elder there, too...all while still living in our territory.

    Congregation gossip was that the CO had flat-out told him to step down and he refused! And he had been such a crappy PO that we all believed it! (even though we were afraid to talk about it too out in the open)

  • Hamas

    I could name many in my congregation that I didn't like.

    There was a crooked ass brother that made so much trouble for me and my family by not paying me for work I had done for him for over 3 MONTHS ! He was hypocrite amoung hypocrites. He even had the nerve to stand up at an assembly and talk about how wonderful his life is in the truth and how he quit a previous job he had because he wanted to get involved more ! LIAR ! He quit because the TAXMAN was on the firms back and he had to get out to save his bacon. Some elders knew of this, yet the let him continue as a M/S. I still long to exact revenge on that bastard for what he put me through, and I will.

    Then there was a brother and his wife that moved to our congreagtion just before I stopped that were the most annoying people ever. I remember once his wife came in late when the song was playing and she stood next to her husband in the middle of the isle holding his hand and singing into his eyes. It was disgusting, a typical witness publicity stunt to keep in with the elders. Her husband, and elder, was an EX COPPER which didn't help things either.

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