Adam and the Dinosaurs

by The Real Edward Gentry 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    Even as we write, Adam is still naming them:

    Flossie, Eric, Sudges, Carmichael, Snogms....

  • undercover

    Adam and the Dinosaurs

    Good name for a punk rock band

  • Vidiot
    pseudoxristos - "...I'm beginning to think that Ken Ham is really an atheist mocking Christians..."

    Poe's Law strikes again, huh?

  • sir82

    Adam and the Dinosaurs

    Good name for a punk rock band

    Or how about "Green Bible Dinosaurs"?

    Jezebel and the Fornicators

    The Molested Bees

    This should be a whole new thread....

  • Finkelstein

    I dont find REG's topic threads which are full of nonsensical nuttery interesting or either intelligent.

    Which leaves open the question has he just come here out of vindictiveness just to throw garbage from being booted off the forum previously ????

  • ttdtt
    The Real Edward Gentry you are a BULLSHIT Troll Artist.

    By they way - why would the animals need to be named?
    Why was that a priority?

  • waton
    ttdtt: "Why was that a priority?

    because this science project had to be finished as a male monopoly precedent before Eve was -rib cloned-- created.

  • jws

    I'm not going to read all of this, because it's all a ridiculous notion anyway. But why would Adam have to study the animals to give them names? Let's say there were an "original language". Why can't I just say, "Next! Let's call it a Blick". "And that one over there's a Yarp". Why do you have to study it?

    The only "fascinating subject" here is the way people can find truth in this story.

  • deegee

    Another 'Comment of the Year' nomination:

    what caused the snakes to lose the ability to talk human? the flood, it was astounding, it left them speechless. Only asses (donkeys) were unimpressed.-------waton
  • lrkr

    So, if it took 50 years and the timing is crucial to knowing when Armageddons coming.....

    2025? 1975+50???

    Just playing along.

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