Adam and the Dinosaurs

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  • The Real Edward Gentry
    The Real Edward Gentry

    Here is a fascinating subject. According to the bible , One of Adam's first assignments was to name all the animals including the sea creatures and dinosaurs of course. We don't know how long this took but, as all witnesses know, the time period is crucial in working out the timing of Armageddon).

    For Adam to name the animals correctly and give them appropriate names he must have studied there behavior. He became an animal trainer par excellance and a marine biology expert. I estimate as a perfect man this may have taken fifty years.

    Seeing Adam at the time was still in communication with his heavenly Father , he had source to great counsel.

    He wasn't alone in his decision making.

    I won't go any deeper now but just imagine what it must have been like to have dinosaurs under your personal subjection. For over 1,600 years people lived harmoniously with every animal

  • Magnum

    " For over 1,600 years people lived harmoniously with every animal "

    I suppose you're referring to the period, according to JW chronology, from 4026 (Adam's creation) to 2370 (the flood).

    Did the animals live "harmoniously" with themselves during that period (and before)? Did vipers eat fruit? Did spiders eat grain? Did sharks eat seaweed? Did T Rex eat grass?

  • waton

    His task was greatly simplified by the fact that even up to Jesus's 'all kingdoms of the earth' temptation, the earth was a flat disk, animals could be observed at great distances.

  • konceptual99
  • Jayk
    Maybe we used to be able to speak to animals but we lost the abilities when adam ate the fruit. Makes sense, if a animal (serpent) came to adam and eve and they didnt find it weird that it spoke.
  • smiddy3

    For Adam to have accomplished all of this in 900 years he must have worked his ass off.

    And Jehovah had to be a slave task master.

  • Jayk

    I'm glad all the animals have good Christian names

  • nicolaou

    Adam had a yabba dabba doo time naming the dinosaurs!

  • pseudoxristos

    Apparently, according to Ken Ham, the dinosaurs survived the flood only to later become extinct, or perhaps they still survive deep in some unexplored area of earth. For a good laugh, read the following:

    So God had Noah save the dinosaurs from the flood and then allowed them to die off later because conditions on earth after the flood were too harsh for their survival. I'm beginning to think that Ken Ham is really an atheist mocking Christians with this ridiculous nonsense.

  • waton

    The name calling of all the animals took time, the same time that the coming end is off the 1975/2075 wt predictions. and yes, Adam listened to the animals, but it took Eve to have a conversation. so:

    what caused the snakes to lose the ability to talk human? the flood, it was astounding, it left them speechless. Only asses (donkeys) were unimpressed.

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