shunned in my own home

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  • Dansk


    Let’s see if he still shuns you when he’s feeling horny!


  • Angharad

    ((((Wednesday)))) Hope things get easier soon.

  • wednesday

    To all those who have sent me PM, i'm not ignoring u, it is still very difficult to type and i'm still doing the hunt and peck method with my left hand.

    The poster who wrote"u changed the deal". makes a lot of sense. Whether u know it or not, when u marry, u do make a deal. With JWS, changing your belief system is a 'deal breaker". I am grateful that my hubby is also discourged and unhappy with jws, but he he currenlty not able to let go. The book COC is a good start. he's approaching it as an apostate book, but at least he is looking at it. Most would not. I too know i am going to have to be willing to listen to him, b/c we were devout jws when we entered this marriage.

    It is true, most of the time, the situation is reversed. after a long marrigae, one of the parties decides to become a JW. this wrecks havoac in the marriage. our situation is just reversed.

    to top it all off, after 7 years of not one call form the jws, suddently we have gotten 3 recently.

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