shunned in my own home

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  • wednesday

    I just ordered the true believer from Amazon, ordered it used. very much looking forward to reading it.

    btw, my husband has been basicaly shunning me due to this board. i finally appealed to his love of history and he is agreed to read COC.I will have to leave it to him to see how he feels. i feel so shamed in my own home. he is talking to me as little as possible and says "I have changed the rules'. wow, people change and grow in a marriage.The rules do change.

    I'm feeling very sad tonight. jws are truly a bunch of nazis.

    it's hard for me to belive my husband would treat me like the jws do. My ptsd is kicking in and i feel like a worthless piece of shite.

    How i hate those people.

  • cruzanheart

    Hey, that's mean!!!! You just had surgery, for goodness' sake! Give me your phone number and let me have FIVE MINUTES with him!!!!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    So who is he to treat you like that? How have you changed the rules?

    So I guess he's saying you have to stay a Witness even if it makes you physically ill, causes depression and leaves you feeling worthless! That is mean.

    Well tell him for me to Foxtrot Oscar. Willya?

  • kelpie

    (((Wednesday))) I thought my parents are hard enough to cope with.. I couldnt even imagine how you must feel..



  • wednesday

    big tex and cruzn u are so nice. but u know the mindset of jws. i have gotten him in therapy to see if we can reslove this.

    but in his little world, i have changed the rules. he married a jw, and wants it to stay that way. For God sakes, i was 17 when we married. people change.he sees himself as totally justifed, and feels i am upsetting the apple cart.

    I can't go on living like the jws do, i no longer think like they do. he has his doubts too, but, he is being loyal. Thank god he is not reporting me.

    We have some serious therapy ahead of us, b/c i will not live in a house where i am being shunned.

    he will either get his shite together, or well there will be changes.

  • DJ


    You are actually being funny here to me! How many vicadin did you have today?? lol. That stuff will sneak up and bite ya. My husband had to take it after a major accident in 96. Just a word of caution, I'm sure that you already know. NAZI' cracked me up. I am thrilled that you actually got him convinced to read CofC. That's the best thing I've heard all day! (now you know how my day You did a great job by appealing to his history buff side. Great work. Take it slow. You are on the right track. It's not you, per se that he is is his fears that he is running from. You know all of this, I know you do....remember me? Love, dj

  • DJ

    I have 2 questions for ya Wed, one is tell me what True Believer is about, I'm looking for a book to read on summer days....second question is How in the heck do we edit now?? I am so lost since Simon did this dance all over the board. Thanks, dj

  • Trauma_Hound

    That's completely messed up, he shouldn't treat you like that. I hope he changes his mind, and starts thinking.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Wednesday,

    Our heartfelt sympathies to you. We can understand a little of what you're enduring but only a little. Hang in there. Stand tall!

    Ozzie and Mrs Ozzie

  • gumby
    it's hard for me to belive my husband would treat me like the jws do. My ptsd is kicking in and i feel like a worthless piece of shite.

    So did I and thousands of others.....believe me!

    The witness that is Dfed, disassociated, and then is shunned by blamed for the shunning.

    "It's YOUR fault our family is torn apart.....YOUR the one who left. YOU knew of the consequences and you did it anyway!" ....That is the mindset of the witness. are my hero! If my wife would agree to reading COC I would shite my drawers lady!

    I hope you realize how fortunate you are he has agreed to do this....many will not. Good should do the trick.


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