You Know You're in the Wrong Religion When....

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    You know you're in the wrong religion when the Leaders of the religion you're in have the most difficult time of simply following Jesus Christ's command of:

    Baptizing In The Name Of The Father...The Son...And The Holy Spirit!

  • smiddy3

    You know your in the wrong religion when your religion admits that the name Jehovah is not the correct pronunciation of Gods name ,however it is the most popular name in use today.

    "Aid to Bible Understanding" printed by the WTB&TS First Edition.

    On the one hand they have told their flock / members that Christendom has hidden the name of God from their members .

    On the other hand they say that the name Jehovah is the most common name in use today ,by whom ? by Christendom of course .

    Their are Centuries old Churches of Christendom throughout the world that have the name Jehovah engraved in stone on these churches.As well as the Tetragrammaton that uses the four Hebrew letters identifying the name of God .

    The Catholic Bible Knox Version ? version uses the more accurate pronunciation of Yahweh as Gods personal name throughout the "Old Testament "

  • zeb
    • Your kids do well at school but dont go further as they must get a shit job that pays very poorly and pioneer.
    • when there is a inquiry into the religion but the members are told not to view any of it.
    • when the inquiry is labelled 'apostate lies' but the accuser doesnt name the inquiry as such.
    • when the principals of the org are too busy to attend the inquiry and tell it you have no power to make us.
    • when every damn thing is pagan except white bridal dresses, wedding rings and mens neck ties.
  • Ding

    You know you're in the wrong religion...

    ... when you keep getting new light that contradicts the new light you received a little while ago and sometimes goes back to old light the organization discarded years ago.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    You Know You're in the Wrong Religion When....

    Tony Morris might have to do a press conference on JW Broadcasting.

    "I did not have an alcoholic relationship with that whisky."

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