Princess Diana.....remember??!!

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  • gitasatsangha

    Scooby, what exactly did Diana do for you besides wear some expensive clothes, breed some more windsors, and talk about land mines now and then? Did she sexually excite you? Are you a monarchist?

  • ScoobySnax

    I'm just too sentimental for this forum sometimes I think.

  • WildHorses

    I loved that lady. She was used and abused by Charles. He only married her because they thought she was the right choice. Had the man had a spine, he would have married Camille(sp) who he loved and left poor Diana alone. She would have been much better without him.

    He, IMO is the cause of all the pain that woman went through because he wanted to keep his status, instead of being true to himself.

    I will miss her always.

  • teejay

    I thought she was a bit shallow but I forgave her for that. She was just a kid whose every move was watched by the whole world. What I sensed was a big heart and a genuine love of people, especially the less fortunate. Yeah, she loved the attention—the limelight—and milked it for what it was worth, but what person in her shoes wouldn’t do the same? When I saw her in some African village hold a black baby that had Aids as though it was her own... she got into my heart right then and has never left.

    From here it appeared that by what she said and did she didn’t mind giving her royal in-laws the finger whenever she could. She wasn’t as stuffy as the queen (and the queens mum?) would’ve liked and I related to that. I thought it was sad that she was on the verge of finding herself and happiness when her life ended. Made me feel sad for her. Real sad.

    Yeah... I remember Princess Di. I liked her. I always will.

    p.s. The eulogy her brother gave at the funeral was very moving. You could tell that he really missed her and he couldn’t stand the way the “royal” family had treated her. I watched on live TV as he gave it—his scathing words so powerful that I had to find the transcript on the net. If a single person can remember me when I’m gone in the way he remembered her... wow.

  • cruzanheart

    Well, Mulan & Princess, now I know where you get your good looks! I still miss Princess Diana, because she had "it," that indefinable spark that made people's heads turn and makes us now, six years later, still remember her as fresh as if we saw her yesterday. Marilyn Monroe also had "it," and I think Elton John's choice of the song for her funeral was very apropos. No, she wasn't perfect, definitely a prima donna, and very manipulative with the press. BUT she also made people aware of AIDS and removed a great deal of the stigma from it, when it wasn't a popular topic, and she genuinely adored her boys. That was so obvious. I think Charles loves them too, as much as he can with his emotionally sterile upbringing, and I think in his own way he loved Diana for a while, until she became too much trouble and too hard for him to understand. I would have liked to see what else she could have accomplished in her life. And I love how she trumped the royal family and exposed them for the dysfunctional family they are.

    Short Answer: I remember, and I miss her.


  • ScoobySnax

    Me too, there was something about Diana that was different. Not sure what that was. I think she had just more than star quality.There was just "something" about her. I still miss her too. Call me sad, but I went to Althrop in 1999 to visit her ancestral home and see the lake on which she was buried. It looked peaceful to me. Her brother was there to greet people, and he had that same look. LOL, A peaceful place.I liked Diana, and hope she rests in peace, I reckon she was a good ol' sort.

  • LyinEyes

    Just like Teejay said, those pictures of her cradling sick babies, without fear of Aids were outstanding. Some may say she did it for the camera's , I don't think so, I feel she put her heart into it and was geninue. I just feel I can tell by the many photos I have seen of her, JMO.

    I too, feel saddended that we didnt get to see what she would have done with her life, if she could have turned it all around. Same thing with all those listed who died young, Marilyn, Elvis, John Lennon, etc. It is strange that they will be forever beautiful and young, as we get older, we can see they were so young and naive .

    I remember thinking when my mom died at 35 , how long it would be until I was that age. Now I am older than my mom was when she died. I will always be older in a human way,,,,,,,than my mother ever was.

    I think now how childlike, how emotionally immature she was, and how she never really had a chance to live her life, on her own.....never once did she live alone and show the world what she could be.

    I guess I am letting her live thru me, for everything I do,I think of her and wonder if she would approve, or if she is in heaven if she is proud and if she likes to watch me live my life.

    It is just traumatic to think of a young life ending........... I guess I am sad tonite about this because, we went to the store and came across a really bad wreck,,,,,, we live in a very small town and every ambulance was there at the scene........Next thing I see the LifeFLight helocopter is landing on the main road,,,,,,,, which they hardly ever do,,,,,, usully they transport someone that bad off to the hosptial and load them up there, not in the middle of the hwy. So I know the person in that car , is really , really bad off, if not already technically dead. So many times around here when the LifeFLight comes , they are already gone.

    It just makes you stop and think how short life is, how easily it can be taken away in an instant, and it is a tragedy for anyone to die young and leave family behind.

  • Englishman

    I heard that Elton John's tribute was the best selling record of all time, is that right?

    ARTIST: Elton John
    TITLE: Goodbye England's Rose

    Goodbye England's rose
    May you ever grow in our hearts
    You were the grace that placed itself
    Where lives were torn apart

    You called out to our country
    And you whispered to those in pain
    Now you belong to heaven
    And the stars spell out your name

    And it seems to me you lived your life
    Like a candle in the wind
    Never fading with the sunset when the rain set in
    And your footsteps will always fall here,
    Along England's greenest hills
    Your candle's burned out long before
    Your legend ever will

    Loveliness we've lost
    These empty days without your smile
    This torch we'll always carry
    For our nation's golden child

    And even though we try
    The truth brings us to tears
    All our words cannot express
    The joy you brought us through the years


    Goodbye England's rose
    May you ever grow in our hearts
    You were the grace that placed itself
    Where lives were torn apart

    Goodbye England's rose
    From a country lost without your soul
    Who'll miss the wings of your compassion
    More than you'll ever know



  • Fe2O3Girl

    I wonder how many of the throng chucking £1000s worth of flowers in front of her cortege were the same people who bought the filthy rags that printed photos of her private life. I wonder how much those flower chuckers contributed to the causes that she held dear.

    The day before she died she was a pariah, the day after she died she was a saint.

  • funkyderek
    Just like Teejay said, those pictures of her cradling sick babies, without fear of Aids were outstanding. Some may say she did it for the camera's , I don't think so, I feel she put her heart into it and was geninue.

    If I was obscenely wealthy and had nothing better to do, I'd probably have my photo taken with sick children too. But unlike Diana, I think I'd manage to give at least some of my vast, vast fortune (£21.5 million, approx $35 million ) to charity, especially if I was the patron of so many.

    Diana's will:

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