Hi, I'm new. I would like to get to know you.

by Bugs Bunny 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Greetings Bugs. Enjoy your stay and do speak up.

    Guest 77

  • jgnat

    Welcome! I am curious. How did you find us?

  • Carmel

    ugh oh!

    caveman clutching his head anticipating the string of bible quotes.....

  • unclebruce

    re-ember what the good rabbit said eligah... .. "come now all you cavemen, tell uz about yerselfs?" ... anyway it's nearly hippity hoppity bunny egg season ... i mean, let us not judge a bunny before it is hatched


    I'm an old man posting from under the southern cross. I have two lovely daughters (who aren't for sale) two orphaned wombats, a coot with a broken wing and a young swamp wallaby called Wilbur (i didn't name him)


    ps: Loved your show on TV.

  • greven

    Heyah Bugsy!

    Welcome to the forum. My handle is greven but that is not my real name. I am a 24 year old dutch student, inactive, atheist and on my way out. If that sounds weird don't worry. Looking forward to your posts!

    ps. for some quick laughs check this out


  • topanga

    hey there bugsy old buddy old pal 123 put er there!

  • Country_Woman

    Hello Bugs, and Mystery, I am new too and look forward to whatever you want to share with us. Regards, Country_Woman.

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