Hi, I'm new. I would like to get to know you.

by Bugs Bunny 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • dmouse

    From one small furry creature to another....


  • anti-absolutist


    This is not an affront, I just like to hear as many theories as possible on the subject. So how is it that you are convinced that Jesus is your saviour?


  • berylblue



  • Sargon


    You'll meet lots of different people here. Some Christians, some not. I think the only tie that binds is all our lives have been affected by the Watchtower in one way or another.

    Blessed are the cheesemakers.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Good to meetcha, yu wascally wabbit!

  • Valis

    Eh...What's up doc? Welcome Bugs...I live in Dallas, have two kids that live w/their mom, I teach computer science at a community college, just turned 32, have a cat and hedgehogs...not religious about anything much but but a cold beer and good looking women always warms my heart... One nice thing about the forum is that you will find lots of folks that decided to still have a spiritual life after they left JWland and some not, but for the most part we get along. ..And like you I know people in and out of the borg...eheh...maybe we should invite them all over at the same time and get on with it huh? ehehe...Once again, welcome.


    District Overbeer

  • Mystery

    Hi Bugs, I am a newbie to. I am sure both of us will learn alot here.

  • onacruse

    Bugs, and Mystery, welcome to you both!

    One thing I especially like about this forum: Almost any opinion is respected, and almost no opinion goes unchallenged.


  • Jesika

    Welcome Bugs *looking for welcome carrot to give*,

    Well, a little about me..............I am 27, divorced, have a 9yr old son (he has never been to a meeting), I was born and raised a JW 3rd generation, I was disfellowshiped (df'd) at the age of 15 and never tried to be reinstated, my dad's family are still all loyal JW's except 1 uncle who lives in Spain now, my mom and my sister are out of the JW's now,...........ummmmmmmm ok, I live in the USA in Dallas,TX and that about covers it for now.

    Glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you.


  • LyinEyes

    Hi Bugs and Mystery great to have you on board.

    I am married , I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and live in Louisiana USA. I was raised a JW and disassociated myself in August of last year. I am so much happier now and finally feel alive ,,,,,,I am 36 ,,,,,,,,geessssssh I am getting old,,,,,,,but life is much better. I am lucky because my whole household left the borg at the same time, my oldest son was able to have his teenage years as a normal kid and the younger two are just glad to not have to go to meetings anymore......ditto for me.


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