When The Circuit Overseer Visited, Why Did You Do More Than Usual?

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  • ikhandi

    Basically it was a big week to show off. Those that rarely attended meetings would show up early to all the meetings and be at those meetings for field service. It was really interesting to watch. I recall the hall being packed with lots of visitors on Sun for those talks. It appeared as if one was never doing enough when the CO would show up. My mom would always have her hand up way in advance for feeding the CO and his wife and then drive herself nuts trying to find out what they liked to eat, or what they were allergic to. I recall running around town trying to find flowers for a centerpiece. Way too much work than I wanted to invest in for that week. I don't miss those days

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  • NaruNaruChan

    You know, I didn't know that anybody was making a fuss... because the CO's wife was my friend I "thought" and so whenever she came to town she was sooooo nice to me! But I was a new convert.

    She almost caught me at a bagel shop the other day with an active JW... Oh god, my JW friend turned soooo red she was like and I was like It was totally like and hee heee!

    Come to think of it, Dale Pierre was a bitch. ^_^ I'm glad I'm out of the Org.

  • minimus

    How much money did you guys give him? I would give a minimum of 100 Dollars and take them out to a 200 dollar restaurant.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    When The Circuit Overseer Visited, Why Did You Do More Than Usual?

    I didn't.

    Well except once. We had the CO and his wife over for lunch. They were rude, obnoxious and arrogant. I swore never again. And I never did. Otherwise it was business as usual.

  • Azalo

    id didnt but my dad always had them over and stuff and i'm sure he gave them some money (i didnt even know about that little practice, i bet those guys make at least 500-1000 dollars per visit, thats 52000 tax free dollars and they dont have any expenses). i hated the extra long sunday meeting, i dont remember much about it except that it would go on foreeeevveeer.

    one time we had the DO visit and CO visit at the same time, what a pissing contest that was. i think the CO was pissed that he wasnt getting all the glory and all the groupies.

  • greven

    I just hated those visits! Not only did we need to re-arrange our schedules, almost everybody would get into some sort of trance and guilt atack.

    People would gravel at his feet and being aware of that they started to behave like kings. Everybody tried to be Mister and Misses Holynut. The hall would be cleaned with zeal unknown of before. Meetings would be stuffed. You would meet people you hadn't seen for ages. The sheer hypocrisy of it all made me conclude that creature worship existed in our religion too, but most striking was the fear...I guess that if Jesus was to visit the hall people would shit their pants. They substitute fear for love.


  • blondie
    How much money did you guys give him? I would give a minimum of 100 Dollars and take them out to a 200 dollar restaurant.

    wow, minimus, you were quite a brown-noser. Our family was divided and my mother didn't have any money to spare. I can see now why the elders families and those intact JW families with money were "blessed" by the CO and the DO. It never occurred to me to give them money since their expenses were met by the congregation. When an elder told me about giving them money after the elders meeting at the assemblies, I was appalled. Blondie

  • freeman

    Well I didn’t do too much extra myself during these visits, however my wife and her friends always went over the edge when this carpetbagger showed up. What am I saying, she still does. Yep her and the local gaggle of hens all calmer for the “honor” of serving this windbag a meal fit for a king.

    Yep I sure do remember. I also remember long ago when we were not exactly well to due having to sacrifice for this great honor. It pisses me off to know that this creep gets pocket money that I earned, drives a late model luxury car that I helped pay for, eats a really nice meal that I completely paid for, and then lectures my wife on the need to do more. You want more done? Get off your FU**ING ass and get job!

    At this stage my wife knows she better make sure I’m at work when this freeloader comes calling or it won’t be a very pretty a scene.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    One relevant anecdote: I remember that at the conclusion of the week-long visit of one particularly obnoxious CO, the presiding overseer, in the introduction to the farewell speech, said ``We're looking forward to your concluding remarks, brother Krause." Of course, having picked up on the Freudian slip, when he took the podium teh CO retorted: ``I don't know what you mean `look forward' to the last of me!"

    It was meant as a joke, but in my experience everyone, but everyone -- including the biggest dub fanatic" heaved a sigh of relief then they walked out the door on Sunday afternoon.

    And , for the paupers they are, have you ever a more persnickety bunch of fuss-budgets about what they will and what they won't eat? Or a group (the wives especially) with more exotic ailments?

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