When The Circuit Overseer Visited, Why Did You Do More Than Usual?

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  • minimus

    Was it pressure, the desire to conform, was it because you thought that you could work in service with him??? Were you trying to get appointed? Did you REALLY think it was a "special week of activity"?

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    To me it was just an annoyance. Having to re-arrange our schedules for this clown always bugged me. Especially when one of the meetings was Friday night.


  • Swan

    Because my mother became especially annoying that week. She pressured all of us to do more and more and more. It was never enough. I remember after the long closing prayer after one exhausting week, my mother turned to me and said "Wasn't this a special blessing from Jehovah. It's a shame we didn't do more."

    Tammy ZZZzzzzzzz!

  • minimus

    Being an elder, I was ALWAYS happy when he left town. I've missed the last 2 CO visits. I might go to the upcoming one, though, because everyone says that all his talks have the same theme...YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON'T DO.....

  • nowisee

    i never did more than usual. only to the extent that more meetings were scheduled and i did attend them. sometimes more socializing during that week. i always hated going door-to-door with them...always felt like i was being scrutinized for flaws.

  • ring

    well, I knew when he visited that my Saturday and Sunday afternoon were gonna be all shot to hell with door knockin

  • outnfree

    I thought I should support the arrangement. I'm a community-minded person, and when they wanted to try for 100% on the weekend, I thought I should make a point to show up.

    I might go to the upcoming one, though, because everyone says that all his talks have the same theme...YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON'T DO.....

    Yep! That was pretty much my feeling about the "gist" of the last several CO talks before I left in 3/2001. Instead of feeling "refreshed" the burden just got LOTS heavier.

    Also, anyone besides me feel that when you DID work with the CO's in service they were getting more and more dishonest at the doors? Dishonest as in misrepresenting our beliefs and our reason for being there? That was very off-putting and upsetting, too.

    Man, I'm SO glad I'm


  • rocketman

    I always thought the big week of increased activity was just a way of trying to impress the guy. Everyone was on their best behavoir. The Hall was noisy before the meetings, like people were extra excited to get the chance to impress.

    The visits themselves usually left me dismayed. The CO would say things and do things that in some cases were different procedurally from others. As an elder, it was odd seeing these COs make it like what they were handing down was now gospel.

  • cruzanheart

    When I was pioneering I didn't do anything differently since I was out all the time anyway. I was always bad about return visits, though, so got a lot of reproachful comments about that because the C.O. and his wife simply refuse to beat the streets in the afternoons. Sit-down stuff only, please! And they grumbled if I wouldn't or couldn't rearrange my Bible students' schedules to suit theirs.

    Once I had two kids and was going to meetings on my own, the C.O. visits were nothing but a huge burden. Two 2-hour meetings during the week, a longer than usual Sunday meeting, and lots of complaining from the kids, plus having to listen to complaining from the platform about how pathetic we all are. Oh, yeah, and since I found it downright impossible to get to meetings any earlier than 3 minutes before or 5 minutes after it started, that meant I had to park in the field next door to the Kingdom Hall because all of the suck-ups came virtuously early and parked in the parking lot.

    Oooooo, I don't miss that one bit!!!!


  • NeonMadman

    I didn't do anything differently, except to rearrange the nights I would go to the meetings according to the schedule. I'd also try to work with him when I was pioneering. Other than that, I never did anything different when the CO was about.

    Well, except when we had Bro. DaCinti. When he was in town, I'd find any excuse I could to avoid going to the meetings.

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