When The Circuit Overseer Visited, Why Did You Do More Than Usual?

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  • rolling rock
    rolling rock
    minimus Re: When The Circuit Overseer Visited, Why Did You Do More Than Usual?
    How much money did you guys give him? I would give a minimum of 100 Dollars and take them out to a 200 dollar restaurant.

    I'm sure you did...

  • cruzanheart

    Amen to that, Room 215!!! What they ate and didn't eat was quite the challenge. I remember one set who were on that diet where you don't let your food touch -- oh wait, no, that's the kids -- where you can't eat fruit in the same meal as meat or vegetables and carbs are bad, unless it's rice -- something like that . . . All I remember is that I found this out AFTER I'd volunteered to do a meal, and I think that might have been the last time I invited any of them over. Too much trouble.

    There was one C.O. in Australia who stayed with us (my parent and I were in isolated territory so we had the privilege of doing EVERYTHING with the C.O. all week) who claimed to not eat any sweets, and then proceeded to demolish my entire stash of Cadbury's Crunchie bars. Now, that might not sound like much, BUT (1) I was 15, (2) I lived in a place where the supply boat came in once every 6 weeks with food, and (3) supplies of sweets were really limited. I used to break the Crunchie bars in halves or thirds to make them last until the next time the boat came in. And he ate the whole thing in three days. Boy, was I mad!!!! Still am, somewhat . . . .

    Mmmmm, Crunchie bars . . . .

    Nina (of the Chocoholic class)

  • bittersweet

    wow......I never realised people gave the CO pocket money. I assumed they only got money from the society and what the congregations agreed upon. Glad I didn't know that bit when I was in, it certainly would have ticked me off. I wonder how many people with low incomes gave $$ to the CO.How sad.

    I never did anything extra for the CO visit.I would go out in service on Sat when he was around, but I usually made arrangements before hand to make sure I wouldn't have to work with him.I was afraid he'd tell me how inadaquate I was if I went in service with him( or his wife ).

    I was never impressed by any of them.

  • minimus

    If you do the math, being a CO can earn you loads of money....I feel bad for the poor District Overseers. Nobody gives them anything.......Rolling Rock, how do you think elders get picked for big assembly parts???


    Why? Because they always stayed at our house..By the time they left they had a nice wad of cash(donations) to get to the next Kingdom Hall.Where they would once again stay for free and pick up more cash..Ching$$$$$$$$$...OUTLAW

  • minimus

    I used to try to justify giving the CO's and their wives, "treats" because after all, I reasoned, they were doing the Lord's work.


    Hey minimus,most everyone figured the same way that I noticed..Those Circuit Overseers did rake in the money though..I`d see them at other Kingdom Halls when I had stay overs at other dubs homes like most kids do..The Circuit Overseer would be getting a nice wack of cash there too..Must be nice to have a money route to work with no bills...OUTLAW

  • minimus

    I had one CO ask me if I would buy him a cashmere coat. I just chuckled as if he said nothing and ignored him.

  • minimus

    The Circuit Overseer's coming next month and now the elders want to know why I haven't turned in my PAY ATTENTION book in. Gee, It's been over a year and now they want that book back? I told the elder that I had no idea where it is since I haven't looked at it in over a year. The elders need to get on the ball before the C.O.( Commanding Officer) get's here!

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