Supposing I Want To Go To An Assembly?

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  • Dansk

    Had to laugh last year - and the years before. I always volunteered to be a watchman. No, I wasn't being loyal. I did it because I knew it meant I'd be able to stand or walk around the complex instead of having to sit in those ridiculous chairs for 6 hours or more!

    Half the time, the bros and sisters were coming and going to MacDonalds!

    Anyway, my points is, you are suppoosed to have a lapel badge on your person at all times or you can be stopped. People were getting hold of a badge and photocopying or scanning them. They came out really well and you couldn't tell the difference unless you looked really, really closely (a good excuse for a bro to stop a sis).

    Others used to come with badges from previous years. They'd tell us they'd not been able to acquire the latest and so we just let them through.

    Damn! All those wasted long weekends! Well, at least I'm really living now.


  • ozziepost

    Ahh, those lapel badges!! Yes, I'd almost forgotten those I.D.s of the "approved associates"!

    Better make sure you're wearing one.


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Just walking into an assembly or convention in the future will not be as easy as it has been in the past. The latest Kingdom Ministry identifies that security measures are being put into place at larger meeting places similar to those at airports. The device being used is an "Aura Attitude Self-Determinator" and, as everyone knows, all disassociated, disfellowshipped, apostate type individuals give off an 'aura' indicating their wickedness. It can even identify an individual's wickedness according to varying degrees. Smaller, handheld units are being developed for use in Kingdom Halls. The AASD was devised by the GB (under deevine guidance) and has been operating successfully at HQ for some months.

    You can just call me holey_cheeses.

  • ozziepost
  • lisavegas420

    holey_chesses....said...."device being used is an "Aura Attitude Self-Determinator"....." and then ...."Smaller, handheld units are being developed for use in Kingdom Halls."

    Just a question........where and by whom are these devise/ units being developed? By an college educated Apostate? Or in a small family owned cleaning business?

    And what does apostate 'aura' smell like?

    Oh yea, Welcome


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    So, as you can see E-man, there ain't no check-in; it may not be that bad yet, but it's getting there. 2004 perhaps?

  • Englishman


    I've been doing you an injustice for ages now.

    I've always read your name as Lisa saves gas.

    I thought you were some ardent ecologist!


  • Brummie

    Somerset colloquial? (sounds brummie)


  • Angharad

    Arrrggh Dansk so you were one of those who stopped and questioned people about badges. At our last assembly (on the verge of leaving) I kept getting stopped because I'd left my badge on my jacket which was back at my seat. And simon just point blank refused to wear one

    Also we kept getting hassled by attendents becasue we were walking around the circle with our pram. And because we used the lift to get down to the mother's room - Simon dealt with that when he was approached and told he wasnt to use the lift (got in the lift anyway and said something quite apostate like and shocking to the attendent who was trying to stop us

  • ozziepost

    So many memories!! Reminiscing like this only makes us more thankful to know the real truth about "The Troof".

    I compare all of this with Christian conventions I have attended. So different.

    The funny thing is: rules and control of people aren't even necessary. It's a delusion that the Borg fosters. People will use their own common sense....oh, I forgot, the "F&DS" wouldn't want that, would they???


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